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Computers-and-Technology Helping people work online, Zoho today announced that Impact Solutions has built its online student performance application, Impact, on top of Zohos online reporting and business intelligence solution, Zoho Reports. With Zoho Reports powering Impact, teachers can streamline their recordkeeping duties, regardless of their technical abilities, and ultimately spend more time teaching and inspiring their students. Teachers spend far too much time tracking student attendance, behavior, grades and test scores, said Jesse Olsen, a New York City public high school teacher and founder of Impact Solutions. Impact puts accurate and current information about student performance, attendance and character at teachers fingertips. By using Zoho Reports, Impact lets teachers interact with data even if they arent tech savvy. Now, everybody at the schoolteachers, administrators and staffhave real-time access to reliable student data. Raju Vegesna, Zoho evangelist, said, Impact demonstrates that business intelligence isnt just for business. Jesse has brought Zoho Reports to the educational arena, making it easy for teachers to analyze data related to student performance; and that directly improves their ability to plan meaningful learning experiences and work with their students. Zoho Reports Impact on Education Prior to founding Impact Solutions, Olsen and others at his school tracked and analyzed attendance, grades and other student statistics using standard, desktop spreadsheet software. In turn, data was hard to aggregate and never current. Later, Olsen built a version of Impact using Salesforce.com, but found Salesforce to be frustratingly slow, feature poor, and expensive. Using Zoho Reports as a foundation, the current version of Impact relies on Zoho Reports for reporting and storing data. A key highlight of the Zoho-powered Impact is Zoho CloudSQL, which uses the familiar SQL (Structured Query Language) commands to connect data stored in Zoho Reports with traditional, on-premises applications as well as other SaaS offerings. For Olsen, Zoho CloudSQL greatly simplifies writing server applications and using data. In turn, Impact meets the needs of teachers who arent technical as well as teachers who know how to use a database to generate custom reports. Other Impact highlights based on Zoho Reports include the ability to import CSV files, export reports as PDF files, and share private URLs. The private URL feature lets teachers email a secure link which the recipient can click and view without logging into the system. Zoho Reports also brings a big bottom line advantage to Impact users. Zoho Reports is $60 per month per school for one million rows, an incredibly reasonable price. In contrast, when Impact ran on Salesforce, it cost over $2,000 per school. Better still, the Zoho Reports pricing structure and data requirements of smaller schools mean that some schools may not even be charged for Zohos online reporting. In some ways, the schools wouldnt be doing this tracking and analysis if not for Zoho Reports, said Olsen. Without Impact, it takes probably 20 hours a week to copy-and-paste data into a spreadsheet and keep it current. So, we save a lot of time and effort by consolidating all that data. And we improve accuracy, too. Having Zoho Reports on the back-end makes it possible to deliver a system thats powerful yet simple and cost effective. For more information on how Impact has built its solution on Zoho Reports, please read the ImpactEd case study. For more information on Zoho, please visit www.zoho.com and watch What is Zoho? To get breaking Zoho news, visit and subscribe to the RSS feed at .blogs.zoho.com, and follow the company on Twitter at @zoho. Resources Zoho news releases: .www.zoho.com/in-the-news.html Zoho product videos: .www.zoho.com/product_videos.html Zoho general videos: .www.zoho.com/videos.html Zoho blogs: .blogs.zoho.com Zoho on Twitter: .www.twitter.com/zoho Zoho Facebook Fan Page: ..facebook../pages/Zoho/231460215383 About the Author: About Zoho Zoho is a .prehensive suite of award-winning online productivity, collaboration and business applications for small and medium-sized businesses, as well as consumers. Over three million direct users rely on Zoho for their Business, Productivity & Collaboration needs and actively connect via Forums and Blogs. To date, Zoho has launched 22 different applications which include several online office applications such as Writer, Sheet, Show, and Mail along with a host of business appl Article Published On: 相关的主题文章:


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