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Zhang Tielin violence sub evidence exposure! Ex girlfriend to uncover the truth – Sohu entertainment Zhang Tielin violence sub evidence exposure! Ex girlfriend disclosed the truth [Click to enter the HD Photo]   Sohu (all star entertainment news on the photo) today a reality version of "Xia Yu." Ms. Zi live guest about his seven years’ lone loss of pain ", also with recalls and Zhang Tielin fell in love breakup, revealed how Zhang Tielin suspected of violence to seize and let mother separated several years of truth. In 2000, Ms. Zi admitted northwest Textile Institute of Guangdong Institute of clothing, a lady Zi and Zhang Tielin met through a friend of a friend, 22 people together, then Ms. Zi found herself pregnant after told Zhang Tielin, Zhang Tielin responded: "too good, do it." But when two people is not about marriage, but also did not have any commitment to each other. Zi lady because of body reason, eventually unmarried child. In December 2002 two the son of Ms. Zhang Tielin Zi Zi in the hometown of Shaanxi Ms. born in Yulin, after the birth of his son has been raised by Ms. Zi to take care of, until six and a half years old. Ms. Zi revealed that he and Zhang Tielin had no marriage, too much emotional entanglements, children with their own life when Zhang Tielin has been very concerned about the children, will help pay the tuition fee and so on. Pictured: children living together with their mother photos. During the period of Zhang Tielin asked the child entirely to him, but Ms. Zi has not agreed, late on the night of August 14, 2009, Zhang Tielin came to Shaanxi with Zi lady home in Yulin to snatch the son, at home in the family, the police also woke up next door neighbor, just in time to stop forced search behavior, Zhang Tielin et al. Zi Ms. Tan Zhang Tielin to the all star at home and negotiate photos, photo shows, Zhang Tielin a face not happy, there seems to be at odds with Zi lady, unpleasant expression pointing to talk to each other, then Zhang Tielin and Ms. Zi confronted the negotiations, Zhang Tielin sat on the sofa looks angry. After mediation, Zhang Tielin did not take the child that day, when he said: "the child with my mother, I feel at ease." Zi ladies were relieved to think things out. Unexpectedly, the afternoon of August 25, 2009, Ms. Zi and son of five young men over his mouth towed in a secluded alley was on the way home, Ms. Zi began to think that someone comes to Zhang Tielin, very afraid of hurt children, but then Ms. Zi in the car to see Zhang Tielin’s assistant, Ms. Zi attempts to communicate. The other is ignored. Arrived at the wilderness of the wilderness, the other broke the mobile phone card to Ms. Zi Zi, Ms. pushed down the van, with young children left, women still remember the summer Zi, children wearing striped half sleeve…… This is the mother and child two people in the true sense of the last meeting. When night falls, Zi lady walking for an hour after a tricycle, to borrow the phone alarm, the other kind, brought her to the place where many people. Speaking about the alarm results, Ms. Zi now really do not understand, in the police station, Ms. Zi said that she is very clearly remember that the police are on her record inquiry,相关的主题文章:


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