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Zhang Li "new clothes" first pick dance movement coordination at Sina entertainment news jointly produced by the Oriental TV and hualubaina, blue flame star straddling fashion variety show "my new clothes" on Saturday to return the Oriental TV, open fashion screen mode. "Fashion icon" Zhang Li [micro-blog] as a resident goddess in the first episode of the show for the audience a sense of future fashion show. In the new phase of the program, in the face of the pattern of the workplace lady fan theme, goddess but some timid. Join the challenging elements of the dance so that the goddess of fear, in communication with the host, Zhang Li bluntly, I think I do not have that woman". As early as in the first episode, Zhang Li is slightly different from other goddesses. The debut of the Zhang Li locomotive force boyfriend bursting, joked that he is a woman man. After recording the first meeting to see the goddess Lin Chiling [micro-blog], Zhang Li and second change fans, boldly ask for hugs. Such a straightforward character also let Zhang Li quickly circle powder. It is reported that the first phase of the recording also occurred in a small episode, ready to show back the goddess line forgot to turn off the wheat, went to the backstage mouth loudly shouting, heels tired my legs are broken ". Girl so outspoken upright personality, attracted the audience laughed again and again, found himself in trouble "the shy Zhang Li quickly ran back to her dressing room, can’t be more lovely! During the second phase of the program recording, the host Lin sneak to rest Zhang Li, to open a "special treatment" to the goddess. Words, Linhai expression of Zhang Li van lady to other workplace. Unexpectedly, but the goddess of forthright response to "don’t, I don’t have a woman!" All along, Zhang Li with a bright smile to be liked, called the "22 C smile goddess": 22 degrees for body comfort temperature, just like Zhang Li to leave you with free and easy feeling. The two of the two together, indicating that the goddess character also has a very Meng Meng side of the "two". So amazing Zhang Li has become the object of netizens favorite in "my new clothes" after the broadcast, and the goddess of unique 22 degrees smile has become many fans to follow the attitude of life. "I joined as a permanent goddess’s new clothes", Zhang Li pressure is not small. But always keep optimistic and carefree attitude she can always break the challenge for the audience showing a perfect one. If you want to know the secret of the goddess Zhang Li more, please lock every Saturday at 10 p.m. Eastern TV broadcast of "my new clothes", see Zhang Li 22 degrees smile how warming your heart!相关的主题文章:


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