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Yunnan Expressway change site why charges not discount? Beijing – Qu Lu expressway extension project is expected duration of February 28, 2017 to the subgrade widen from 21.5 meters to 33.5 meters Road by two-way 4 Lane expansion to 6 lanes plus Qujing Luliang expressway extension project emergency lane, started since January 16th this year, part of the road will be closed or half lane, and road construction work, a greater impact on traffic. The car came together with a small cart crowded car, Lu Song has become a "complete high-speed road construction site". "The high road frequency construction, why not charge" discount "?" members of the public to reflect the evening news recently said, "the site" every day traffic jam, money and suffer! High speed into a low speed, why do you still charge the full price? The status quo song Lu high-speed became completely "site road" Qu Lu expressway is located in Qilin District, Qujing City, Luliang County, is an important link between the national highway network G56 and G78. Since the 1999 song Lu Expressway opened to traffic, increasing traffic. Especially recently, the opera Kunming high-speed to Songming one-way closed construction, many high-speed vehicles bypass Qu lu. From Qujing to Luliang (zhaokua) expansion project construction of expressway, from September 1, 2016 to the end of the project, Qujing hot springs to Wong Fort direction road Demi closed construction. From Qujing to Luliang, Kunming, zhaokua, Shizong direction of the vehicle from the hot springs of Qujing toll station, along the old road 326 by Wong Fort toll station into Qu Lu expressway. From Luliang to Qujing, more than and 60 km of the road, completely became a "site road". On the road, all kinds of construction vehicles through potholed pavement, especially on the autumn weather even, the high speed road slippery muddy, three step four step a pit, a bucket, vehicle speed 20 yards, cart row clusters, crowded with small cart car drivers in the past, the Voices of discontent. Questioned why the site Road, but also to charge the full price of the song land high-speed expansion, is a good thing. However, in view of this’ site road ‘, every day traffic jams, high-speed into a low speed, but why not charge fees, but also the full price charged?" Zhang said the public, the car on the highway to pay, it is recognized, but you have to pay the appropriate service. Now Song Lu high speed has become a "site road", because the road, leading to the service is not in place, the charges are not considered relief? While the traffic jam gap, the reporter interviewed a number of drivers, the drivers who have this question: "flight delays also need some compensation to passengers, because the road to reduce highway lanes, high-speed road to the low road, but still according to the original standard fee is unfair. Since the role of the express highway can not be reflected, it should be reduced fees." Experience more than and 60 kilometers road walk more than 3 hours it is understood that since Qu Lu high-speed self opened to traffic in 1999, after years of vehicle rolling loss, save the road subgrade slide, narrow, accidents caused by the rainy season相关的主题文章:


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