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Yuanmou: Chengdu Kunming Railway 9.17 debris flow disaster rescue entered a crucial stage sprint in the new network for the two bureau of China railway construction personnel and construction personnel in the fastening rail fastener Wansheng in photo Beijing, Kunming, September 23, (by Chen Jingwan Li) 22 days, Yuanmou county "9.17" large debris flows into the sixth days of the Chengdu Kunming Railway repair. As of 22, 16, the Kunming Railway Bureau to grab the line through a total of 500 meters, the railway rescue has entered the final sprint stage. 22 am, the Kunming Railway Bureau and the successful implementation of the Railway Bureau of the 5 sets of the length of the pipe of 16 meters long, and pouring concrete between the pipe culvert. 12:15, after the diversion of the river, the river began to flow from the pipe culvert. Figure two bureau of China railway construction workers laying roadbed and rail Wansheng photo collection at the same time, China Railway Kunming Railway Railway Bureau cadres and workers of China Railway Bureau, two bureau, bureau and other eight units of a total of more than 1 thousand and 200 people, equipment 123 units, and 10 wagons of ballast, sleeper, rail road material, construction began on the last line laying 50 meters. Kunming Railway Bureau Guangtong electric engineering section will be at 23 am, the rescue organization personnel contact network and signal recovery, communication equipment, arrangement of tamping line maintenance machinery, to open the line as soon as possible, restore the Chengdu Kunming railway line opened. (end)相关的主题文章:


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