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Ye Guangcen Beijing style literature seminar held in Beijing – Sohu reading scene of Ye Guangcen the morning of October 24, 2016, October, October, the Beijing Writers Association, Beijing Art Publishing House, October magazine jointly held the "Beijing October monthly literary creation seminar Ye Guangcen Beijing style literature?". China Writers Association Secretary Yan Jingming, "literary newspaper" editor Liang Hongying, chairman of the Beijing people’s Art Theatre Ming, general manager of Beijing publishing group, October Dean Qu Zhong attended the meeting. The famous literary critic, writer and editor Sui Lijun, Zhang Ling, Guan Jixin, Hu Yinhong, high solution Xi Zhang, Shi Zhanjun, Zhao Yanbiao, ye Mei, Zhao Yong, Liu Daxian, Fu Xiuying, Yang Qingxiang, Yue Wen, Shi Yifeng and the TV series "teahouse" and "family portrait" producer Li Gongda, editor of Ruan Dandi, the famous actor Feng Yuanzheng and some the reader representatives attended the meeting, Ye Guangcen Beijing joint research literature, a comprehensive understanding, spoke highly of their years, more exploration and contribution. The seminar hosted by the Beijing Writers Association Secretary General Wang Shengshan. Ye Guangcen is a famous writer with rich contemporary style, unique style and outstanding achievements. In many famous readers in the works, especially in the family background of the most exciting series of novels, not only inherited the essence of modern Beijing flavor literature were represented by Lao She, it retains the unique cultural heritage of ancient Beijing, is also a continuation of the Kyoto language rhythm passing since the Ming and Qing Dynasties, is the flag character in the contemporary devoted to literary writers in beijing. China Writers Association Secretary Yan Jingming also spoke highly of the seminar held in Beijing is committed to: "in today’s literary writer, scarcity of Beijing flavor literature in the context of micro organization, experts and relevant writer Ye Guangqin Beijing literature reading and research, the Beijing flavor literature style and rich. A modern version of Beijing Literature collation, collection, development and research of Beijing culture, and lead to the Beijing taste of literary creation, will have special significance." General manager of Beijing publishing group, October Dean Qu Zhong said in his speech: "for many years, and our teacher leaves the Beijing publishing group, Beijing literature and Art Publishing House, October" October "magazine has always maintained very good relations of cooperation, all her Beijing flavor literature important works are published by us. From the earliest published in the "October" on the "dream" to also add to the Xieqiao Guoneishoubu nine volumes of the "Ye Guangcen anthology", and recently published "the weather last year, the old Pavilion", twenty years, the press, magazine editor, serious and responsible, careful editing each article, every book. Such a good relationship between the writer and the editor has become a friend. Our publishers and magazines will always be her warmest home, and all our editors will always be her friends and family." The famous writer Deng Youmei due to health reasons not to the scene, but he expressed himself by phone Ye Guangqin "Beijing flavor literature" view: "Ye Guangcen Beijing, a head is" ink ". Not artificial, not just the right, calmly stretching in calligraphy scroll gas show. Narrative writing"相关的主题文章:


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