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WuXi Railway Station parking lot is dead man suspected yesterday about 1:30 in the afternoon, a young man was found dead in the WuXi Railway Station social parking lot. Near the merchant said, the suspected tramp, past the parking lot from time to time sleeping homeless. WuXi Railway Station C District Social parking lot. Along the entrance to the source of the road to the north of the ground floor, they saw the scene cordoned off, emergency personnel are being checked, there are still people from time to time to stop onlookers. A corner of the parking lot in piling up a lot of white plastic, in the angle of plastic and walls, a black man lying on the ground without activity, its shape is tall, because the face is blocked, can not see the age. The earliest found a nearby merchant staff, he said that he went through from the underground garage at the time, found a man lying on the ground, they came to see, then found a man suspected to have died, he told the boss, the boss to the scene after the alarm. According to reports, the deceased about 30 years old, there is no blood and trauma. A few minutes later, emergency personnel confirmed that the man had died, the forensic has arrived. Forensic preliminary examination speculated that the deceased has been dead for some time. Nearby traders speculated that the deceased may be near the tramp. According to reports, the incident the location of the underground car park is more biased, which also piled up the goods, from time to time there will be a wanderer living inside. The cause of the incident remains to be investigated. [Anhui] making reading a Chaohu train station operation soon stopped turned chicken farm相关的主题文章:


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