Woman in a friend’s home baby bleeding hospital opened a green channel to save her pullip

The woman in the home of friends baby opened Easy Access rescued her medical personnel in the rescue of maternal Chongqing Daily News correspondent Wu Ying photo left hospital friend bleeding, suffered postpartum hemorrhage, but no one around. 24 afternoon, the emergency scene took place in a small Nanchuan District Wong fort. Fortunately, a friend’s mother came home early, and promptly dialed 120 calls for help. After 1 hours of emergency rescue, successfully rescued the coma of the mother. Baby bleeding thousands of ML shock yesterday, deputy director of Obstetrics Nanchuan District People’s Hospital Wu Hongming told reporters recalled the day that thrilling scene. 24 PM, the hospital’s emergency medical center 120 phone rings, help people quickly said: "you come! Here is a famous woman, alone at home to give birth to a baby, a lot of blood, and now adults have been unclear." Help people also said that he and her mother is only a neighbor relationship. That situation is critical, in the ask Wong Fort district where the specific room number, 120 command center immediately notify the obstetric doctor on duty lorry to the rescue. Soon, the ambulance stopped in the maternal district. At the scene, the doctor found that postpartum hemorrhage due to maternal more, has been in a state of shock. After a simple treatment, ambulance personnel rushed her to hospital for emergency treatment. When she came to the hospital, she was pale, in a coma, the amount of bleeding has been 3000~4000 ml." Wu Hongming said that if later, may endanger life. 1 hours emergency change danger into safety Wu Hongming said, although the maternal relatives did not accompany, and no proof of identity, can not pay a penny of the cost of treatment, but considering the human life, the hospital immediately opened Easy Access, the maternal haemorrhage directly into the obstetric rescue. The hospital anesthesia department of women and children in the branch director Yang Shichao, deputy director of Obstetrics nurse Wu Hongming, Zhang Chunsong and other 7 medical personnel to rescue division. At the same time, the Department of blood transfusion has been linked to plasma, suspension of red blood cells, platelets and other blood products nearly 5000 ml standby. After 1 hours of emergency rescue, maternal vital signs finally smooth out of danger. Said the neighborhood is afraid to bear responsibility for Wu Hongming told reporters that the maternal surnamed Zhao, 29 years old, the Department of Nanchuan District of Hexi town. Currently, Zhao has been successfully out of danger, is recovering. Due to term birth, a healthy baby boy is being treated at a hospital in the Department of pediatrics. Yesterday, the reporter contacted ms.. She told reporters, Zhao Henan and two friends in Nanchuan City workers per capita, is her son’s friend, because she and her boyfriend recently occurred contradictions, so in the morning of 24 came to our home for relaxation, did not expect the baby bleeding." 2 pm the same day, Ms. Xiao and his son have been out because of things, leaving Zhao alone at home, then there is no attack and other symptoms of production. But 15:50 am, when Ms. Xiao home, just to hear the baby crying downstairs, upstairs to find Zhao, bleeding and unconscious. In desperation, call 120 for help at the same time, Ms. Shaw immediately notify nearby son back. MS Shaw told reporters that he and Xiao Zhao is also the first time to meet, the reason for the call is called neighbors, because the situation is too critical,相关的主题文章:


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