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UnCategorized It doesn’t matter what time of the year it is or how well or poorly the economy is doing. The simple truth is that there are numerous hungry, deserted, sick, and terror-struck kids living on our streets. They have no loved ones to depend on, and the majority of them have absolutely zero hope for a better tomorrow. Fortunately, there are New York car donation programs in place which can help, but it’s all dependent upon folks like you and me to give what we can. By no means is it my intention to bring you down or "bum you out." Instead, I would like to uplift you. I’d love to let you know that there is hope for these kids, and that you and I have direct control over changing the lives of our sick, hungry, and homeless NYC children. In addition, I would like to motivate you by letting you know that while donating your unwanted vehicle is undoubtedly a selfless act that you can feel wonderful, there are additional rewards to you that make the whole experience just that much more satisfying. We’ll get to those in a moment. Before we do, however, I want to tug on your heart strings just a little more. (I guess I’m kind of cruel like that!) But seriously… Imagine how you would feel if it was your own child out there. Perhaps he or she was sick with cancer or AIDS, addicted to crystal meth, begging for money, and doing things that I don’t even feel comfortable mentioning in this article in order to ensure that his or her basic needs were met. When I think of my own child in this position, it drives my heart crazy. It truly does. And I’m sure you can relate when I tell you that I would do literally everything in my power to take my kid out of that hellish existence as soon as humanly possible. Unfortunately, most of these children don’t have parents to come to their rescue. They lost theirs to drugs, crime, and death. Many of these kids wouldn’t even recognize their real parents if they saw them. Sadly, this is by no means a rare situation. It affects our (yes, I call them ours) children by the hundreds… no, by the thousands. I hope you truly understand the magnitude of what’s going on here. So what can we actually do to help? That is the $25,000 question. And the answer is incredibly simple. Donate. Offer your unwanted automobile, rv, motorcycle, boat… or whatever… to a good car donation program in New York and true miracles will begin to happen almost immediately. Your vehicle’s proceeds will be used to find homes, educational opportunities, hot meals, nice families, and much-needed medical care for our New York City kids. If this doesn’t give you a good night’s sleep, I don’t know what will! So what’s in it for me? This is a fair question. I think most of us are programmed to expect some kind of reward, other than just that of the joy associated with giving. In fact, I would go so far as to assert that we deserve compensation. We are talking about donating a vehicle here! Chances are, you shelled out a few dollars for yours. I know I did for mine! And the short answer is yes, we are compensated. For starters, the organization will likely tow your vehicle from where it’s currently sitting, so no labor, expense, or guesswork on your part. And then of course there’s the benefit of ridding yourself of the vehicle in the first place. But you and I both know what I mean when I say "compensated." And here’s your answer… The charity doesn’t pay you for your ride… but Uncle Sam sure as heck does! You will likely receive the largest tax deduction that the law will allow, and this can very feasibly even exceed the value of the vehicle you donated! This has happened many, many times, and it is an excellent SECONDARY reason to get involved today! About the Author: 相关的主题文章:


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