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UnCategorized While touring in Florence, you’ll likely need some information about various aspects of Florence. Some of the best sources are the official government-sponsored tourist offices located throughout the city. The main office is at: Provincia di Firenze, Via Cavour 1r. You can find other official information points throughout the city. Several convenient locations allow you to get all of the information you need about various aspects related to staying in Florence. What exactly do these information points provide? You can get a wealth of information related to various aspects related to the city. Do you want to learn about the long and proud history of Florence? Are you interested in learning about the various museums, monuments, and other popular tourist destinations located in the city? Are you a fan of wine and would like to take a tour of the renowned vineyards and wineries throughout Florence? You can find all of that information (and much more) at the different government-sponsored information points located throughout the city. Some of the most practical information you can get from such information centers is related to transportation throughout the city. Perhaps you need information about traveling from the airport, to your accommodation. Maybe you need to rent a car or bike. Possibly you’d like to travel from Florence, to other cities in Italy. The bottom line is that if you need information about transportation in Florence, you can definitely find it at the government-supported information centers located throughout the city. Before visiting the various government information points peppered throughout Florence, make sure to learn about the days and hours of operation. Most of the sites are open Monday through Saturday, with fewer hours of operation on the weekend. So before you start on your Florence excursion, make sure to contact the tourist offices, in order to learn if they’ll be open while you’re touring Florence! These information centers can also arrange various types of tours. These include tours of various popular sites throughout the city, bike tours, and food and wine tours. Basically, there’s a guided tour for every tourist in Florence. The key is to determine what you want to see in the city, and then find the perfect tour that meets your needs. Before you depart for Florence, be certain to book your holiday apartment online. This will guarantee you accommodations once you arrive in the city. The process is quick and easy, and will definitely make your trip more fulfilling. About the Author: 相关的主题文章:


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