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When the triplets have life risk when you choose insurance? This is a difficult question for the Sohu. In Australia, Perth, the doctor told 28 weeks pregnant mothers: you have Chloe triplets, two larger male baby growth is good, but the youngest female baby with hypoxia. You have two choices: one is to keep down, so you very likely lose the minimum female baby is two; you are now a caesarean section, three of them were born, raised by medical means to continue, due to premature birth, three children have certain risk. On this issue, any a mother who is a difficult choice, 22 years old, with 26 year old husband Lohan decided to discuss, they have to take a risk. The triplets were born there are risks, the youngest sister (left) only 690 grams. All into the incubator in July 3rd this year, after a perfect after the surgery, Henry, Ralph, and "little Pearl" came into this world. At birth, the heaviest Henry only 1370 grams (less than 3 pounds), Lafs is a total of 1200 grams, while the "little Pearl" is only about 690 grams (more than 1 pounds). Two brothers have encountered a certain risk, but the little pearl is obviously worse. "She has a congenital heart disease, pulmonary hemorrhage, intracranial hemorrhage and a small, infected," Chloe recalls, "her The new supersedes the old. also has some problems, but the biggest problem appeared in her liver, jaundice is very serious. We all suspected that she couldn’t stand it." Little pearl is not optimistic about the birth of your hand! Chloe at that time felt that the little Pearl 80% is unable to stand up to the decision at that time, said Chloe did not regret. "I only have a deep sense of guilt, let the boys to come to this world, they had in the womb to be good," Chloe said, "but, if you do not," little Pearl "will die, the thought of this, I will not regret this decision." "I also have to keep going, let ‘little Pearl" left quietly, let her two brothers was stronger in the uterus grows, but now you see, "little Pearl" her in my arms, so the idea was good, now often let me heartache." It is a little bigger than the remote slowly rise can also not much bigger than the cup Chloe has received great attention in the Ins, there are 45 thousand fans on the web every day watching the three little guys fight against life. Under the full treatment of the doctors and nurses, three little guys are finally out of danger. In September 4th this year, in the 9 weeks after surgery, Chloe in an online statement she is about to take the children home. Two weeks later, the doctors determined that there is no problem, Chloe and Lohan finally brought them back home. The original home already has 3 brothers, "little Pearl" has 5 brothers as bodyguards, think it is cool. 5 brothers and 1 sisters now, Henry has a total of 7 pounds, Lafs has a total of 6 pounds, while the most相关的主题文章:


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