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Web-Design As we all know that a custom logo design is an essential and crucial part of an effective brand identity and marketing strategy. Since it acts like the visual representation of the brand or the business, a custom logo design should be unique and memorable. Many design artists, businesses, marketers and consumers believe that a unique and memorable logo design is a good looking logo, which is not .pletely true. A unique and memorable custom logo design is actually a smart design with intelligent ideas brilliantly gathered together in an image to represent a product, brand or an organization. There is no definite set of rules or techniques to create an interesting logo design. This is where the creativity .es in. Forgetting all the things one has learnt for few moments and .ing up with something that seems difficult to achieve. An interesting custom logo design is the one that grabs attention and holds on a viewer until he/she has absorbed the message. To grab the attention, different techniques are .monly used. For example some artists might use a bold contrast of color palette for the purpose. Some would use bold typography; some might prefer to use illustration or other design elements. An interesting custom logo design is also an intelligent design. It grabs attention, it provokes thoughts and then it delivers a message or solution. An intelligent logo design does all that efficiently with a positive impact. It is easier to provoke ideas into the minds of viewers of a visual display. But remember that the display time a logo gets is usually very minimal. People might see it on a letter head or a banner, or may be the official website but if it fails to grab the interest in that tiny moment then viewer is quickly going to move on to the content they were looking for. Once it be.es interesting enough to grab the viewers attention, the next step is to present an idea into that moment. A designer can use text, illustrate a scene, and draw something, to deliver that idea. If there is not a good idea there then it is not a good logo; despite the fact that the designers have superior illustrator skills and they made it very pretty. So it is very important to put an idea into your logo, an idea that provokes thoughts. Then the next part of the intelligent design is to take advantage of these thoughts and present a solution, answer or a contribution to that thought. This is the point that many design artists use to leave an impression for the product or the business they are working for. If everything works fine, the end results are usually very interesting and great logo designs. However, intelligent designs also need smart application. Using this intelligent design wisely can boost any efficient marketing campaign to success. About the Author: 相关的主题文章:


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