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UnCategorized The three manufacturers Welch Allyn, Heine and ADC all produce diagnostic medical equipment for doctor’s offices, emergency rooms, clinics and skilled nursing facilities. Two of these .panies are located in New York State and the other is headquartered in Germany. The products that they produce are all similar but the quality, design and manufacturing of these diagnostic tools are all different reflecting the corporate cultures, philosophies and histories of the .panies. During the last 20 years many new manufactures have entered the medical equipment market providing .petitively priced alternatives to the products. Most of these lower priced alternatives are produced in Asia where quality control has been an issue in other industries. In choosing the right supplier for your diagnostic medical equipment it is helpful to analyze .panies and scrutinize their diagnostic products before you buy them. Every medical practice must satisfy different needs and budgets. Here we will look at the three largest suppliers of diagnostic medical equipment in the United States. Welch Allyn was established in 1915 by Dr. Francis Welch and Noah Allyn. Together they invented and sold the world’s first hand-held ophthalmoscope. During the 1920’s the .pany significantly expanded and moved their facilities to Auburn, NY. Today the .pany is still headquartered in Skaneateles, NY and employs more than 2,300 people in the manufacturing, sales and distribution of medical diagnostic equipment. Throughout its history the .pany has remained a family owned business and despite being in the fourth generation its owners are still as .mitted to medical innovations and to the development of quality products as they were in the 1920’s. This .pany produces most of their own essential .ponents but they also integrate pieces made by other manufacturers into their tools. Their product line is substantial including a wide range of stethoscopes, otoscopes and other tools for the eyes, nose and throat, products for blood pressure management, Cardiopulminar, Thermometry, Defibrillation and Endoscopy instruments, patient monitoring systems, lighting and tools for veterinary health. Welch Allyn dominates the US medical diagnostic equipment industry holding 90% of the market. This market share is substantial but in the past it was even larger especially during the periods of World War I and World War II. They have also been named consistently as one of the best .panies to work for in the United States and have won a number of R&D 100 Awards and Medical Design Excellence Awards for the Macroview Otoscope (2005), Durashock Technology (2002), PanOptic Opthalmoscope (2002) and SureSight Vision Screener (2000 and 2002) and Frost and Sullivan Awards for patient monitoring equipment, Propaq LT (2005) and for Medical Ambulatory Telemetry Monitoring Equipment and Micropaq (2002). Heine was founded in 1946 by a German physicist and scientist in post-war Germany. This .pany is family owned with manufacturing plants in Germany and Switzerland. Dominant in the diagnostic equipment industry in Europe they have been slow to take market share in the United States. Precision instrumentation and outstanding quality control are the focus of all their products. The product line includes tools for general medicine, veterinary medicine, ENT, Ophthalmic instruments, Laryngoscopes, Dermatoscopes, Sphygmomanometers, Stethoscopes, Proctology equipment, lights and power sources. They have fewer instruments in every category but every tool has been rigorously tested and many of them are so beautifully designed they seem like works of art rather than diagnostic tools. These amazing instruments are the result of a unique approach to product development. This .pany relies on vertical integration rather than on outside suppliers for the various parts and objects necessary for manufacturing. For example, they have their own electroplating facility and they build their own light bulbs. The long histories and tight corporate cultures of this German .pany and Welch Allyn have produced .panies that have an intuitive understanding of the medical diagnostic industry. Engineers at both .panies also have long histories and tend to remain with the .panies for years. Developing medical diagnostic tools properly requires a thorough and .plete understanding of the changes in technology and medicine. Both of these fields are advancing at lightening speed so just keeping abreast with developments is a monumental task. American Diagnostic Corporation (ADC) has a substantially different history. It was founded in 1984 and is headquartered out of Hauppauge, NY and supplies diagnostic medical products and instruments throughout the world. They have worldwide sales and distribution offices while their manufacturing facilities are located in Asia, primarily in Mainland China and Taiwan. Relying on a wide network of suppliers makes the .pany very agile and gives them the ability to change and upgrade product lines quickly to meet market advances and demands. Products are sold under a variety of other brands including Medicut, Adscope, Proscope, Diagnostix, Prosphyg, Adtemp, Multikuf, Adlite, Pocket Pal, Adcuff and Adflow, among others. Products include: surgical and other instruments, Pulse Oximetry equipment, BP Accessories, Laryngoscopes, Sphygmomanometers, Stethoscopes, CPR equipment, thermometers and diagnostic equipment. American Diagnostic Corporation sees itself as an alternative to the high priced products of the other two .panies and yet prides itself in producing products that are superior to low-grade "questionable" imports. They bring all types of .ponent parts to their facility in Hauppauge NY and then assembles them. Their products are priced approximately 20-40% below those produced by the other two .panies and above the lowest priced diagnostic tools on the market. As mentioned above Heine is unique in its extensive use of vertical integration in the production of its products. Because of this they produce fewer products but claim to have the highest quality and degree of accuracy in the entire industry. Welch Allyn had prided itself in producing only American made products but in 2006 they closed their San Diego facility and downsized their Chicago facility and added production facilities in Tijuana, Mexico. The .pany still claims to make the majority of its technically .plex .ponents in upstate New York but they also have manufacturing facilities in Navan Ireland, Jungingen Germany and Beaverton, OR. ADC uses an extensive network of mostly Asian suppliers who produce nearly 2000 different .ponents that are then added into nearly 6500 different products. The essential question when buying medical diagnostic equipment .es down to the cost, precision and reliability of the products. Without question the established .panies have earned their reputations for excellence and innovation in the diagnostic industry. The question is simply can other .panies make products of equal quality for substantially less. All three .panies produce a variety of stethoscopes and otoscopes. These are essential instruments that are used every day by medical professionals and they are expected to endure through thousands of individual exams. Unlike other products medical instruments need to perform to a near perfect standard or lives are potentially on the line. Whether the cheaper products of .panies like American Diagnostic Corporation will manage to take market share in the United States and Europe remains to be seen. To date quality and reputation is winning this battle. However, in the future it is possible that the established .panies will lose a larger section of the market to their lower priced and more agile .petitors. About the Author: 相关的主题文章:


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