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Business Once pre-production is .plete, it is time to continue the work with production. The script should now be ready and approved by all. There is a number of elements that need to be kept in mind while starting the production stage of video. The things that need to be taken care are as followed: Safety: The first and foremost issue that needs to addressed during the production phase is safety. One should take all the required safety measures to ensure that there are no chances of accidents. It should be seen that lighting and any rigging are handled properly, and there is no risk of falling. Sandbags should be placed around heavy lighting and wires do not cause a trip hazard. Set up & break: The next step is to secure the equipments used in the shooting. If the shoot is going to involve public areas, extra care is required. One should also test all the tools that are to be used in the production, before the shoot starts. Everything should be kept ready before the actors .e to the shooting site. All the props, the audio decks, lighting and other .ponents should be checked before shooting. Make up: If your budget allows, makeup and wardrobe crew can be employed to enhance the look of the film. Makeup can help your actors shine. The makeup team would be there every time the actors need them. The makeup team would also help the actors clear their sweat and clean the oily skin. They are also in charge of the actors general appearances. This is more important when shooting a B2C .mercial with heavy lighting rigs and less important on general corporate videos. Camera person: Any video production cannot take place without camera man. The camera men hired should be proficient enough to undertake the project at hand. They should know when white balancing is required, when to move the camera, where to focus and at what time. The camera person should also know to handle the situation if any trouble occurs with the camera while shooting. Audio level: Before starting the shooting one should take the trial of all the audio systems that are to be used in production. If the shooting is planned out of the studio, the team should be properly equipped with the wireless microphones. With proper planning and proficient team, the production stage of the video production can be easily ac.plished. About the Author: 相关的主题文章:


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