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TV drama "Sha Yi" political commissar claimed " "   Yan value play; self exposure and love in Hu He plays more stable and more pure – Shaanxi channel — original title: "TV drama" political commissar Sha Yi claiming the " value as " Yan; self love exposure and Hu He play more stable and more pure Beijing in October 14, October 13th (Ai Wen), by Zhilei guidance, Zhejiang Tak television Limited by Share Ltd produced 32 sets of Anti Japanese war drama "and" launch press conference held in beijing. The wonderful story of Du Juan, producer and actor Sha Yi Zhao Qi, Qiao Han Hou Xiang, the scene revealed early role, four actors love to kill each other broke. Such as "Yi Zhuan" is filming Hu He in the studio specially sent to VCR, no wife in the side of Sha Yi funny skill show, jokes that he is in the play the "color value of play". TV drama "tells the story of the original" political commissar dongbeikanglian, old Qiu (Sha Yi ornaments) in the condition of extremely hard and bitter with the Japanese bloody years, in that the Kuomintang Yunnan 278 regiment wants to join the Eight Route Army, decided to accept the surrender of the team to help the 278 regiment, successful uprising. The Sha Yi overturns the comedy image to "cook" identity return to the screen, a strange combination of circumstances has become a "false political commissar". After several twists and turns, the integrity of loyalty, brave and revolutionary soldier finally completed by the "false political commissar" to "true political commissar of metamorphosis. The conference site, Sha Yi talked about 16 years of career, emotion, have played a lot of comedy drama, has accumulated some experience in acting now creation is how to play a person, a real and normal people. The play, Sha Yi and Hu He couple together again played a pair of husband and wife has become a major part of revolution. Sha Yi said that the feelings of the two films in the war of the baptism of the more precious, pure. Two people experience a lot, grow together. This feeling is incomparable to the society. Under the proposal of the host, Sha Yi with stunning comment on his wife’s acting: "I acted as her teacher, I was more recognized by the Hu He. After she had the baby, she was completely different from the past." It is reported that the TV series "commissar" in October 19th is about to land in Liaoning, Henan satellite tv. (commissioning editor Ren Zhihui and Wang Li)相关的主题文章:


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