Tongue is just another confession wetnwild

"Tongue" is just another advertisement public concern number Sina micro plastic, see more wonderful original content! Source: Journal of the 1 meaning you know about to speak, but saying nothing on the way home, saw a couple of little girl, against side of ex boyfriend is particularly lovely, the boy said to the girl: "Why are you so short, angry female toot retorted:" you close your mouth!" The boy replied, "but it’s so cute."." Heard such a dialogue, in which the dog before I be caught off guard, the rare first did not turn white. Think of a few days ago to chat with friends, talk about open shut love the overt expression of yourself in a good relationship is difficult, but a friend is full of positive energy to comfort me, let me hasten to work late at night is hypocritical, busy no time to think of some not so much. At that time to see her answer, across the phone screen unconsciously smile. Because I clearly see her late at night, micro-blog, she said: "look at the people who loved deeply like others, you only find that the original section of your past, is not love." Make sentences, depressing unceasingly. I used to know a friend, her former friend and gentle thin, often with us complains that his blind eyes on such a skinny like opium like people. I often hear her say to her boyfriend in front of us, but the face is how to see how that is a fool in love. Facts have proved that we are right, so when they broke up, friends will be trapped in the swamp of love is difficult to extricate themselves so long. After the friend of micro-blog, I think love friends Tucao her boyfriend look, suddenly a bit believe I hear people say that the law of attraction, the universe can not see the energy, people tend to stay with their own kind, who is to be able to concentrate on dispersion. My friend and I should be, love will damage your hands and feet, not used to show affection to injured all over the body. "I like you" this sentence often said, but really deep "I love you", as if more willing to use action to show. More willing to use action to show that 2 want there should be a lot of people like it, they do not love a little hypocritical expression, disgusting will feel embarrassed. I remember seeing the "best love" in the cinema, Tang Wei and uncle in the film, the old couple more let me not forget for a moment. At that time to see the wedding, the grandfather said: "you love to cry, and will not deal with things, where can cope with so much trouble." See this section I also secretly laughing, his wife felt a face eighteen year old girl’s innocence and stood in front of his grandfather is too serious, but until he finished this section, I found the whole theater moved in a complete mess. Yes, I said you daring villain and stupid, because I was worried you encounter a lot of things I don’t know how to deal with; say you love cry annoying, because you are a person cry so sad that I really didn’t mind; I was so ugly, but the heart except)相关的主题文章:


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