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Arts-and-Entertainment The producers of Today in America with Terry Bradshaw are proud to announce the launch of a new series, Digital Lifestyle, as part of its television program. Today In America with Terry Bradshaw ( is the premier lifestyles and business trends TV show in the country. Folks in the age range to be considered "Baby Boomers" or older will notice the greatest difference. But even someone brought up just a couple of decades ago can see the massive changes that have molded our daily lives. Most of these changes have been brought about by wave after wave of explosions in the advancement of digital technology. This technology has infiltrated into our everyday lives. Who would leave home, today, without their smart cell phone … their media-adept notebook computer … their GPS navigation system? Those who think we’re in danger of becoming half-human/half-machine like the villains of countless science fiction stories need only glimpse someone who wears his glowing Bluetooth earpiece all day long. We have been assimilated. Resistance is futile. Fortunately, there’s a bright side of this domination scenario. How many people’s lives have been saved by a handy portable defibrillator? How many have been rescued by a simple cell phone call from a remote accident scene? How many are kept alive each day by an artificial organ or an automated medication pump? Like anything else, digital technology is capable of doing great good if that’s what its human designers intend. Today in America with Terry Bradshaw features exciting companies and business leaders on every TV show. Today In America with Terry Bradshaw brings viewers interesting stories about what’s happening in a variety of fields around the country and around the world. Our host, former NFL great Terry Bradshaw is recognized as one of the greatest quarterbacks in football history. He was selected as "All-American" at Louisiana Tech University and he was the first player selected in the 1970 draft, eventually joining the Pittsburgh Steelers. Terry holds the distinction of being the first quarterback ever to win four Super Bowl Championships. Twice named as Super Bowl "MVP", Bradshaw holds Super Bowl all-time passing records to this day. Following retirement from pro football in 1984, Terry became a regular on television. He became a Color Analyst for CBS Sports on their NFL broadcasts and later one of their in-studio co-hosts. He eventually joined The NFL Today. After ten years with CBS, Bradshaw joined Fox Sports in 1994. He became one of the co-hosts and analysts on Fox NFL Sunday. The Today In America show is available nationally and regionally on many popular television networks. For more information, please visit .todayinamericatv… About the Author: 相关的主题文章:


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