Tianjin medical reform set up seven key tasks in public hospitals canceled drug addition govos

Tianjin health care reform set seven key tasks of public hospitals canceled drug addition, the deepening comprehensive reform plan of medical and health system have been identified within the year, identified seven key tasks in basic medical and health system construction, through the promotion of grading clinics, modern hospital management, the reform of health care, drug supply, comprehensive supervision and other key areas and key links, to 2020 to enable the city to establish a comprehensive national basic medical and health system matched with the high quality of the well-off society, the construction of basic medical and health care system, medical security system and the construction of national basic medical and health service level at the forefront of the country. To focus on the establishment of a strong grassroots clinics grading system to 2020, the realization of each resident population has more than 3 general practitioners. The formation is composed of community nurses, public health physician of the family doctor service team, to 2017, family doctor service coverage of more than 30%, focus groups signing more than 60% coverage, and strive to 2020 family physician system to achieve full coverage. In 2017, the city opened in the construction of regional medical conjoined, relying on three hospitals built a regional consultation center in the District of conjoined, to promote telemedicine services, achieve the mutual recognition of the test results of conjoined in; explore the implementation of medical insurance fund payment reform package body. By 2017, 40% of patients with diabetes, hypertension disease patients to the basic level. The implementation of differentiated Medicare reimbursement policy, increase reimbursement ratio of outpatient hospitals, outpatient reimbursement lower synchronization of two or three hospitals, to give preferential referral from primary health care institutions to the hospital patients, increase reimbursement ratio. In order to build a mechanism to focus on establishing modern hospital management system implementation of public hospital operation and management autonomy, the implementation of occupation management and general accounting system, the phasing out of the public hospital administrative level, the first in the Medical University General Hospital, second hospital to carry out a comprehensive reform pilot. During the year, the city’s public hospitals to cancel all the addition of drugs, while reducing the cost of large-scale medical inspection equipment, in 2017 to cancel supplies plus. The establishment of drug use monitoring and early warning system of long service more than two hospitals, strengthen the drug monitoring and high value use of medical supplies and health materials; by 2017, the public hospital medicine overall proportion dropped to 30% (excluding Chinese herbal medicine). In order to protect the basic focus and improve the universal health care system to explore the integration of workers and residents medical insurance system; to explore the dynamic adjustment mechanism of individual contributions and income, financial subsidies and economic growth coordinated; gradually improve the health of urban and rural residents per capita subsidies and individual payment standard, steadily improve the residents Medicare inpatient treatment level; the medical expenses advanced network card delay settlement. The composite type of propulsion total management, capitation, DRGs combined with the implementation of outpatient payment reform; capitation, preference for diabetes, hemophilia and other medical treatment burden of outpatient special disease and chronic disease to carry out the pilot, and gradually expand the scope of diseases and medical institutions to promote the city. To reduce the cost as the key to improve the drug supply security system through bidding, bargaining, inquiry.相关的主题文章:


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