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UnCategorized It has long been said that time moves in a circular pattern. One evidence of this is the growing trend of throwing co-ed wedding showers, sometimes called "Jack and Jill" bridal showers. According to the growth of the tradition, Wedding showers were first started with the bride and groom receiving gifts together for their new home. As time passed, the couple began having their own separate parties with the best man throwing a bachelor party for the groom and the maid of honor throwing a bridal shower for the bride. Today, more couples are having a wedding shower with men and women both in attendance again. There are some major differences in the wedding showers of today and the wedding showers of a hundred years ago. Even the bridal showers of fifty years ago were very different. One major difference lies in the choices of gifts for a wedding shower. Once, it was .mon for people to give household items that would prove useful to the couple as they set up housekeeping together. Today, for a variety of reasons, most couples have most of the items needed for housekeeping in their possession already. Todays gifts are more individualized. If one is throwing a bridal shower, the gifts should focus on the personality and desires of the bride. If one is throwing a wedding shower, the gift choices are a little more .plicated. The groom should not be left out of the consideration when choosing wedding shower gifts. One good practice is to find some .mon ground that the bride and groom share and give a gift that relates to this .mon area. If both like a particular sport or pro team, gifts pertaining to that sport, or memorabilia associated with that team, make perfect gift items. The possibilities are nearly endless. The important thing is including both members of the couple in the gift choices. Choosing activities for a co-ed wedding shower can also be a bit more .plicated. Some of the more traditional bridal shower games would not be appropriate in mixed .pany. Because the goal is for the men and women to get together and have a good time, activities should be planned that both groups can enjoy. Sports, such as volleyball, are generally good choices if the weather permits. A backyard barbecue with some music and dancing afterward can be a wonderful plan for the wedding shower. As with choosing the gifts, the possibilities are nearly endless. The main thing is including everyone in the activities planned for the shower. Wedding showers started out as a way for the friends of the couple to shower them with gifts that would be needed to set up housekeeping together. Over time, the bride and groom started having separate parties, he a bachelor party and she a bridal shower. Today, there is a growing trend toward .bining the two again and having one wedding shower, or Jack and Jill shower. Times have changed a great deal as have the types of gifts appropriate to a wedding shower. Activities must also be modified so that men and women may participate and enjoy the wedding shower. About the Author: 相关的主题文章:


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