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This toy | took the red dot award a watch, a new technology – Sohu collocation plaything Zhi is love fan children’s personalized business platform, focus on mining and provide high-quality new life necessities. A lot of watches on your hands, like a lot of people. Infatuated with the cool G-shock, but also for the recent explosion in Europe and the United States and the red heart Sevenfriday. But like many old love story: the last look back, found still love just a ta. Good collocation, not noisy soldiers away from the simple aesthetic and recounting attitude, such as the CIGA Design double needle watch. Prior to the launch in the toy store, it will get a lot of praise, many styles have sold out. This toy Jun to bring you a new color, before selling Oh ~ no double needle bold design the CIGA Design double needle watch, unique and novel design, has won the red dot design award. For the idea of the traditional watch innovation, it is the reason to attract me. The most striking design than the red double needle. Break the original design through a one-way pointer, this is for axisymmetric Virgo a special concern. A slender pointer. In the end, you can pierce the moment as if time, a bit scared, a little bold. White is clockwise, red is a minute. Walk faster time, always red alert. It’s a head pointer is Bradley, can tell it to. Plaything Jun personally tried, can easily read the time in Los 35-45cm. CIGA Design design team on this watch from China, led by the famous industrial designer Zhang Jianmin, has won 6 German red dot award and 2 IF Awards (the domestic watch industry got a total of 7 red dot award, it scored 5), is the only watch won the "red dot award" de China brand. 2014, the team also won the red dot in Germany, the most innovative design team, ranked seventh in the world. They interpret their own understanding of time, so that the design into the aesthetic. The first sight of the minimalist aesthetic strict in demands of CIGA Design double needle watch, my heart is only two words: minimalism, frigidity. But it is a dormant volcano. This is, of course, because of the unique double needle design, as well as detailed tabulation details. Stainless steel case and carving, side Design and CIGA name, dial thickness of only 9 mm. Japan imported MIYOTA 2025 core, so that the time of the heart beating. Watch strap are imported from Italy super soft calfskin, give you the most appropriate wrist guard. 30 meters of water, but still pay attention not to wear相关的主题文章:


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