These pregnant mother to her embarrassing things are exposed, to see you have met – Sohu mother and kasey chase

These pregnant mother put her embarrassing things are exposed, to see if you had any Sohu when you are immersed in the maternal pregnant in hi skin, some unspeakable embarrassing things have departed, soon to visit you. One day, you find yourself frequent simply, is not a moment to stop; morning sickness to disgrace the face whenever and wherever possible,; loud snore next door, Wang came to the door; like holding a mobile phone for mobile phone, bought a watermelon to lose sesame things have become homely food. Today, in October, we talk about the bacteria with the pregnancy that embarrassing thing. Netizen: Amy (1) recently slobber inexplicable increase, just met the leadership meeting, let me talk about their own ideas, but an opening, a mouthful of saliva rushed out, tick in the book’s voice was surprisingly loud, really want to find a hole drilling. Netizen: Jingle Bells (2) the day before yesterday at noon in the office is sleeping, by colleagues at the heart of the laughter to wake up, angry ah, opposite colleagues with a smile said to me "you snore, shame really shaking heaven and earth" my old face a red, swear later no matter how difficult determined not to break. Netizen: (3) the old go to the bathroom for a long time, about ten minutes at a time, in a word, I am not in the toilet, on the road to go to the toilet, office corridor can always see my shadow, a colleague told me that "your work time also do not forget to exercise, I also I can not say it can only continue to do frequent urination. Netizen: me drops Michael K (4) at noon today to buy food home, I met an acquaintance, to put the dishes put a hand, chatting with her a few words, and then go home empty handed, sitting on the sofa will play a mobile phone, suddenly, the breakfast, but food? Just bought the dish? Netizen: love Mercator (5) what holds the key to find the key, into the supermarket, can not remember what to buy, the mobile phone as a remote control…… I have experienced, the most classic one is beating the calculator, shout my computer keyboard is broken, get to my colleagues to check for a long time, no problem, come until my own reaction, you said it had a big difference, not just a slip of the tongue, but the reaction time is a bit too long. Netizen: Mu Mu wood (6) I invite some friends to dinner in my house that day, LG made a big table, I eat no more than 10 seconds, I feel sick badly, did not hold back, spit out a table for a meal, so I was wrecked, a few days later bestie complained to me she has been, because I have no appetite. Netizen: Oh mom (7) in the second trimester, my appetite is amazing. The office drawer is full of food, once I print something, a male colleague asked me to a file, because busy, he just said "you take it in the drawer, I saw my print finished, he was filled with snacks in the drawer looking for that file…… Netizen: (8) a sincere wish to go to the toilet, squatting inside found a red oval items, think the baby’s toilet, directly from whole up, too!相关的主题文章:


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