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These bad habits will make your ass big thick legs small elephant legs buttocks is everybody hates the image, who do not want to have the graceful figure charming curve. However, a lot of people do exist these distress, which is usually ignored and then formed. If you usually pay more attention to points, may be less trouble. What are the habits that bother you with big butt? Go and see. Obesity causes: 1 long time sedentary workers to work every day to sit for eight hours, sit for a long time, of course, ass become wide and big. Fight tricks: every one hour or so, you should get up and walk, and press the buttocks acupoint, promote the blood circulation. Take a shower with shower water rinse hips to stimulate the point, the use of energy-saving maintenance after hip bath, let the hips become robust. Remember to move your ass. Obesity causes: 2 rocker legs sitting, while leisurely side fat at the moment, you may be in the sofa, dangled his legs after reading this article. Whether at home or in the office, if you lift up a leg sit all day, the legs will hinder the blood and lymph circulation, leading to lower body edema. Do not do good swelling care, such as massage, lower extremity vein will gradually prominent, seriously affect the lower body circulation, leading to fat thickening, even the muscles will be stiff. Fight tricks: can be washed with warm water bath every day, with the body massage oil massage leg or foot, whether tweaking or pressing, can be timely relief of lower body edema, prevent fat accumulation. L in addition, form the good habit of not cross your legs! Obesity causes: 3 sub dimensions of pants tight jeans, underwear and other tight in their underwear, or even mini skirts, sleeveless shirt, sexy dress, will let the body fat. Because too tight clothes will hinder the leg movement, but also prevents the leg blood circulation; skirt will make the cold leg, low cut blouse will make the chest cold, will make the navel catch cold catch cold, also affect the blood circulation, leading to the accumulation of fat. If the underwear is too big, the lack of adequate support from the hips and drooping, foreign expansion, and the underwear is too small or too tight, it will make the meat out of the hip deformation can hardly be avoided. Fight tricks: should choose the right underwear, practice line modification of the hip Hip parade, the hip line smooth and compact. Don’t wear jeans and pants, should choose the legs show long waisted pants, such as straight legged etc.. 4 reasons for obesity: standing for a long time, some people have to stand for a long time because of the relationship between the work (such as counter lady), over time the calf muscles become very strong, and even affect the appearance. In addition, the movement is not correct or standing for a long time, resulting in radish legs or calf edema. Fight tricks: bath to relax tight muscles, massage the calf in the bath, the blood circulation to improve edema. Exercise should not be excessive training leg muscles, so as not to be more muscular. If you need to stand for a long time, can wear elastic pantyhose to prevent varicose leg, rest time can also massage the calf. 5 reasons for obesity: high calorie diet, heavy taste most of the legs are not fat diet,.相关的主题文章:


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