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There is a collection of photos! These pictures come out, generous incentives — real estate — 36 years ago, China women’s Volleyball World Champion Lang Ping won for the first time, women’s volleyball girls became a national idol; with after the growth of "Youth", "reader" magazine began publication. Chinese society also then witnessed the spring’s birth, Olympic heroes take Chinese belongs to the first gold medal; see "journey to the west" to see "Titanic" in the cinema from the black and white screen, from the luxury mobile phone to the now ubiquitous intelligent machine, the imprint of the times in the hearts of everyone. It is also in that year, the birth of the first group. From the earliest city group, Tianhong Group counted for 36 years, small changes in social Street alley, changed the face, to carve a deep imprint. As a part of the city is actively involved in the development and construction of the first in the 36 years of development in the city to build more than 40 million square meters of housing, but also to a generation of social elite left a memorable family life. On the occasion of the 36 anniversary of the establishment of the first, hope with you together, to witness the change of city, the first city to witness and leave you with a time stamp. We welcome the majority of users, to participate in our collection activities, to witness the precious photos related with the first 36 years of the development process of the. Whether it is an event, the first of a building, a picture, or your home open party, neighborhood interaction, community life, unforgettable memories, as long as the first and the welcome is sent to liuli@people, we will pick out the most wonderful photo award to one or two, third-prize who will be rewarded. In the 21 days after the deadline will be. Requirements: 1 for each participant to upload 3 pictures, each picture size is less than 500K 2 works fine, try to upload the original 3 upload works must indicate the name of the work, take the name, telephone number, and simple instructions. (if the phone is wrong, can not contact the winner, the organizers do not assume any responsibility) 4 participating works if it relates to the right of portrait, the author to resolve, the organizers do not assume any responsibility. 5 after the end of the collection, will be set up in the people’s real estate channel special election vote, the selection time of 1 weeks. 6 after the results of the announcement, the prizes sent in January. 7 all entries as the author voluntarily provided free of charge to the first real estate promotion use, without payment of royalties. Collection of prizes: first prize iPhone 7 Plus (128G) 1 iPad Pro two prize (9.7 inch 32G) 4 third-prize Apple Watch 6 excellence award 100 yuan phone card 20 (commissioning editor: Sun Hongli, Wu Zhenguo)相关的主题文章:


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