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The Harry Potter Phenomenon – The Magical Book Series Of The Generation Posted By: Leo In th fictiol series of Hrry Potter tht creted J.K. Rowlg, mgic depicted nturl force, whh cn u to overrule th bic lws of nture lthough t pproched trl scientificlly. In th Hrry Potter series, thre re numr of mgicl cretures – nd fw ordry cretures – whh demostrte mgicl properties, lk th owls ud to deliver posts. There re lso fw objects tht re imbued or enhnced wth mgicl power. A fw humns th series tht re ble to perform mgic hve en referred to wizrds nd wtches cotrt to othr o mgicl Muggles. Th mgic ut th orm th children of couples hvg mgicl powers nd l tho of th Muggles. There re lso exceptios lk tho who re unble to perform mgic lthough g born to mgic powered prents, clled Squibs, where wizrd or wtch tht born to th Muggle prent clled Muggle-born or Mudblood. The Muggle-born re vr commo th series, where th Squibs re vr rrely shown, hh reflected th size of Wizrdg nd Muggle popultios.

The Harry Potter Phenomenon Change The Movie In Your Mind And Change Your Life Posted By: Tony Papajohn One of the surest ways to change your life is to change your mental movies about yourself. Unwittingly and usually unconsciously, we get into the habit of running these movies again and again. That’s great if the star of the show (that would be you) is upbeat, radiant, and confident. However, this is not always the case. Too often, a frustrating situation sparks a memory of a limiting episode in life. We turn this memory into a mental movie. This mental instant replay generates negative feelings. In turn, these feelings spark another limiting episode which sparks another limiting movie and the process repeats too many times. When the mind gets into the habit of seeing certain images in a certain way, the mind retains these images and they have staying power. Without conscious intervention, we play the same movies and react to the same images with effortless precision and, too often, predictable and limiting results. Consider this anecdotal evidence from the Harry Potter phenomenon. Many fans report that they cannot read the books without visualizing the actors and settings from the movies. They even hear the actors’ voices as they read the dialog in the book.

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