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"The tiger bites" female victims: Despite the discouraging car is Zhao I was not dead tiger bite to show reporters neck scar diagram according to the Beijing News original title: "despite the discouraging off is death, but I am not" in July 23rd, Beijing Badaling wild zoo tiger incident occurred, Zhao was injured, her mother lost their lives in order to save her. Ms. Zhao said, then get off at the Tiger Park, absolutely not quarrel and lover, but because of sickness. Today, Zhao right facial nerve damage, you need to continue to practice chewing ability, send his son to kindergarten, you need to wear a mask. Yesterday, her father said, now the voice is hoping to get a fair. Their next step is to sue. In July 23rd, Beijing Badaling wild zoo tiger wounding led to a mother and daughter died, but for nearly three months, despite the network rumors flying, the parties still no sound. Yesterday, the tiger wounding incident injured Zhao and her father, Mr. Zhao for the first time, accepted an interview with the Chengdu business daily reporter. "If I really ignore them off, I admit that it is not, but I am not, I was walking to the driver’s side when I hear a car in the horn behind remind." Zhao’s body is currently in the recovery, but her face up to 20 cm scar, follow-up need to continue cosmetic surgery. Injury is not as serious as the web, but the right of nerve damage, can not eat hard things. Now, her jaw, and six steel nails. She’s trying to exercise her muscles. Now, she sent her son to kindergarten, need to wear a mask. Before the incident, she just took her mother and children to Beijing and her husband to reunite a month, has just found a job in Beijing. After the tiger wounding incident, Zhao overall recovery period also takes more than a year, the work is obviously no way to continue. And the impact of various rumors on the Internet compared to Zhao’s most distressing and collapse of things, because her mother died to save her. Zhao’s father said that after a long period of psychological counseling, the daughter began to face the matter. "But it will take a lifetime." 3 year old child is not sensible, but suddenly said, mother was eaten by the tiger." As for Mr. Zhao himself, his wife suddenly died, seemingly calm during the day, he will continue to wake up at night. In August 22nd, Mr. Zhao issued a letter to his wife in his circle of friends. The letter wrote: rest, you all the way! Rest in peace, my dead wife! Chengdu daily chief reporter Zhao Qian Beijing reported in response to "ready to claim 2 million:" now is to get fair sounding the next step is to sue the Badaling tigers wounding after the incident, Zhao a long time did not come out sounding. At the same time, all kinds of rumors about Zhao family has said Zhao is as one falls, another rises, have children out of wedlock, mistress, said Zhao is a medical background, and even came home, Ms. Zhao died a tragic death because of the news. Zhao’s father, Mr. Zhao has retired, because the family suffered this tragedy, from Ma’anshan to Beijing to take care of her daughter, to deal with all kinds of things has been nearly three months. "We didn’t know it at first.相关的主题文章:


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