The secret to the success of Blizzard games telling a new story to get the players fkzww

The secret of success: Blizzard games tell new stories to crush a blizzard logo game player in 20 years time, three games to determine the Blizzard’s position: "Warcraft", "StarCraft" and "Diablo". Each game has its own myth, has its own world for players to explore. Over the years, each game has been upgraded and optimized to ensure that players will continue to return each time a major update occurs. Blizzard has now launched fourth games, watch the vanguard, it has also been a great success. Blizzard has been established for 25 years, it is clear that it still holds the secret of success: to tell a new story, so that players obsessed with their work. Market consulting firm Wedbush Securities game industry analyst Michael · Pachter (Michael Pachter) said: "Blizzard is a success, the biggest reason is that it has been the pursuit of high quality, there is persistence, which has a number of loyal game player. Blizzard said that its number of players reached 150 million, over the past 25 years, all of the 150 million people enjoy a good experience." Greg · Greg (Moore) is a blizzard game fans, he worked in the online video company, since the introduction of World of Warcraft, he has been playing. Blizzard is always trying to tell a story in a new way, adding a new game mechanics, so the story goes on. Like apple, Blizzard may not be the first to develop the product, but once they do it, they will do their best." Keep high quality, blizzard in the end is how to do? Recently, CNET interviewed Blizzard executives, trying to find the answer: "Warcraft 2" tell a story to the beginning, Blizzard has not called blizzard, called Silicon & Synapse, it has developed some interesting games: racing, puzzle, and super hero fighting game. Blizzard Entertainment CEO and founder Mike · moerheim (Mike Morhaime) said: "at the beginning of 90s, when we for the super Nintendo (Super Nintendo) and Sega Genesis development of the game, there is no story of popular games, as long as the fun on the line." After Blizzard changed its name, the company launched its first heavy game: "Warcraft: orcs and humans," an instant strategy game that was a new genre. From then on, the story became part of Blizzard’s philosophy of design. "Why do orcs and humans fight? Where is the stake? We need to use the story to explain why." Mo Hanmu said, "in a real-time strategy game, we constantly improve our narrative strategy, deepening the background story. It turns out that the story game experience is more meaningful, deeper, and more immersive, because the whole world is built around the story." After the launch of "Warcraft 1" and "Warcraft", "blizzard" developed "StarCraft", "". "StarCraft" is also a real time strategy game, its technology相关的主题文章:


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