The rumor expert instant noodles is not junk food bread without preservatives – Sohu news nvidia geforce gt 740m

The rumor expert: instant noodles is not "junk food" bread without preservatives – Sohu news in global sales continued to rise at the same time instant noodles, instant noodles Chinese sales have suffered a continuous decline. Semi annual report released shortly before the master performance in half, another giant unified instant noodles also results fell. Today, this phenomenon has aroused great concern in the industry sector. In yesterday’s opening of the China convenience food forum, the industry continued to decline in the instant noodles industry has become the focus of heated debate. Industry experts say, has long been the "stigma" has become an important factor affecting the healthy development of China instant noodles industry. He urged not to call instant noodles as junk food, the instant noodles industry in most countries around the world are on the rise, China’s gap is widening. Present situation of instant noodles has become the world’s second largest staple food, the former chairman of International Union of food science and Technology Institute of food science and technology China vice chairman Professor Rao Ping said that from a global point of view, the current instant noodles has become the second largest staple food bread only, but in the long period of stigma Chinese. Statistics show that at the same time rendering style cliff fall in Chinese instant noodles industry, the development of the global industry are in instant noodles. Last year, Russia’s instant noodles sales to more than 27% of the rapid growth in Southeast Asian countries are also rising sales of instant noodles. At present, South Korea’s annual per capita consumption of instant noodles for 72 packs, while China is less than 25 packs. Japan is the most stringent food safety requirements of the country, its instant noodle sales rose 1.2% last year, but China fell by over the same period of 8%. That should not be classified as junk food, instant noodles in fact, at present people for the biggest problem is nothing but criticism of instant noodles healthy nutrition. However, industry experts said there was something to say. Professor Shen Qun of China Agricultural University College of food science and Nutritional Engineering in Beijing Youth Daily reporter said, instant noodles is one of the representatives of the industrialization of food, the main raw material and its family of noodles ingredients are wheat flour, the main nutrients are carbohydrate, protein and fat. She said that any kind of food can not be too much to eat, so eat instant noodles should pay attention to nutrition, "there is no bad food, only bad food collocation." But she also pointed out that the instant noodles itself does exist oil, high salt content, which is not adapt to the dietary concept of modern people, it should be improved, but it can not be classified as unsafe food or junk food diet. Concern about fried instant noodles of palm oil is the main reason for the healthy fats and oils due to the deep fried instant noodles, instant noodles are fried palm oil is regarded as the main cause of unhealthy. However, some experts pointed out that, in fact, palm oil is also demonized. Gu Keren, Professor of food science at Henan University of Technology, palm oil in many countries and regions in the world are traditional edible oil, accounting for 30% of the world’s total oil. According to the latest official data Chinese Oil Association, China’s consumption of palm oil has become the second largest edible oil more than rapeseed oil. People concerned about the association of palm oil with cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases.相关的主题文章:


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