The police suspects love customers friends pursuit – in the new case cibi

The police suspects love customers friends "pursuit" case – Beijing suspects Tanmou, nearly two years after Yongkang was arrested by the police in Zhejiang Hangzhou November 1st online news (Zhejiang online reporter Wu Jiayu correspondent Chen Xuhong) 2013, Hubei guy Tanmou because of some life disputes in Jinhua Yongkang with 5 people will be a a man surnamed Zhang chopped, which opened up his two years of exile "". At large during the play WeChat circle of friends is Tanmou main hobby, especially upload pictures from cutting, stitching, Mito skills play a new height. Let Tanmou not think, Yongkang police is found from these pictures from his hiding place, and arrested. According to police investigators, in 2013 December, Tanmou in Shizhu town of Yongkang City, together with others, the victim Zhang chopped and fled. After the incident, the police investigation on 2015 to detention on the internet. In the past two years, the police have been tracing the trail of tan. At the beginning of October 2016, the Yongkang public security zone police station in the investigation, found a suspected Tanmou suspects identity. How to determine the identity of the suspect became the key to solve the case. Through further investigation, the police mastered a "all the lonely guilty of" micro signal. Thus, the police investigators added the micro signal as a friend, and in his circle of friends to see a lot of self photographed. After photo comparison, the use of micro signal is tan. So tan somewhere hiding? Development Zone police deputy director Cheng Dexi told reporters, when the police after repeated research found that Tanmou circle of friends in nearly two years of uninterrupted upload pictures, all kinds of life, a lot of photos by Mito software processing. The police will focus on the analysis of these photos, and gradually pieced together a tan about the location of the characteristics of the location: non bustling areas, similar to the factory dormitory, etc.. October 26th, police investigators arrested a tan factory in the town of shizhu. It is understood that during the run, Tanmou did not leave Yongkang, never left the stone town, but has been incognito, temporarily changing, in order to avoid the public security departments of the hunt. Currently, Tan has been transferred to the police station in Yongkang police station, the case is still in.相关的主题文章:


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