The planning and design of the Great Wall in Nanjing city should adhere to ” keep watch far &qu-liuxiaobo

The mayor of Nanjing City: planning and design should adhere to " keep looking far away — " Jiangsu windows — original title: adhere to the "keep looking far" to enhance the city planning and design concept level to reflect the international famous city planning and design concept of "City Vision" and "Watch City" in Nanjing city design practice exhibition, is currently the city urban planning exhibition hall. In September 28th, mayor Miu Ruilin visited the exhibition that the city to implement the central work conference, absorbing the world advanced experience of city planning and design, adhere to the history, culture, heritage, the characteristics of "hold", for the future development of the city and look far away ", leading the city function quality constantly upgraded to city planning and design concept to enhance the level of. The urban vision exhibition jointly sponsored by the Gerd Institute (China), the city planning bureau and the school of architecture of Southeast University focuses on the comparative changes of the 5 urban and foreign planning and construction practices in Berlin, Paris, London, Chicago and Nanjing during the period of 1910 and 2010. The practice of world famous cities in promoting urban quality upgrading, function optimization and urban renewal in different historical stages, as well as the vision of realizing the sustainable development of the city in the future, is beneficial to the urban planning and design of Nanjing. At the same time, the "city watch" Nanjing urban design practice exhibition, to the public demonstrated the overall urban design of Nanjing and important area, plate planning and design results, for public consultation on the next step of urban design suggestions and suggestions. During the visit, Miu Ruilin detailed understanding of the world famous city planning and design changes in history and response to traffic congestion, protection of the ecological environment, urban renewal and other issues common practice. He pointed out that in the process of urbanization, Chinese and foreign cities both have individual differences, but also face many common problems. We should use the "City Vision" and "watch the city" double exhibition opportunity, strengthen the urban planning and design field of domestic and foreign exchanges, let the public know better to participate in the urban planning and design work, to better enhance the forward-looking and scientific urban planning and design. Miu Ruilin put forward three requirements for further urban planning and design work in Nanjing. A city is in accordance with the central work conference and the provincial and municipal relevant requirements (next to the A4 version) (on A1) adhere to the human centered concept, respect for the people will pay more attention to the quality of public service function optimization, upgrading and building livable environment and the development of production integration of the city, to create a good environment more livable city for the public. The two is to coordinate the relationship between history and contemporary, the past and the future, to protect the city’s history, culture, details, characteristics, good inheritance, while adhering to the advanced planning concept to promote the sustainable development of the city for the future, to achieve "stay, look far."". The three is to enhance the planning and design of open degree, the formation of the government departments, professional organizations and the public participate in planning, good implementation of the joint supervision pattern planning, to strengthen planning control "full coverage", really make the planning results become the city construction and development of the consensus and follow. (Liu Xiao) (Tang Lu, commissioning editor Zhang Yan)

南京市长:城市规划设计要坚持"守得住望得远"–人民网江苏视窗–人民网 原标题:坚持做到“守得住望得远” 提升城市规划设计理念水平 反映国际著名城市规划设计理念的“城市愿景”展与“守望城市”南京城市设计实践展,目前正在市城建规划展览馆举行。9月28日,市长缪瑞林参观展览时指出,要贯彻中央城市工作会议精神,借鉴吸收世界城市规划设计先进经验成果,坚持做到对历史、文化、底蕴、特色“守得住”,对城市未来发展“望得远”,以城市规划设计理念水平的提升引领城市功能品质不断升级。 由歌德学院(中国)、市规划局和东南大学建筑学院共同主办的“城市愿景”展,集中展示了1910年与2010年百年间柏林、巴黎、伦敦、芝加哥和南京5座中外城市规划建设实践的对比变迁。世界知名城市在不同历史阶段推动城市品质提升、功能优化、旧城更新等方面的做法,以及面向未来实现城市可持续发展的愿景,给予南京城市规划设计有益启示。同时举办的“守望城市”南京城市设计实践展,则向市民展示了南京总体城市设计和重要片区、板块的规划设计成果,面向公众征询对城市设计下一步工作的意见建议。 参观中,缪瑞林详细了解上述世界知名城市规划设计历史变迁和应对交通拥堵、保护生态环境、城市改造更新等共同问题方面的做法。他指出,在城市化发展中,中外城市既有个性差异,也面临着许多共性问题。要利用举办“城市愿景”和“守望城市”双展契机,加强城市规划设计领域中外交流,让市民公众更好地知晓参与到城市规划设计工作中来,更好地提升城市规划设计前瞻性、科学性。 缪瑞林对进一步做好南京城市规划设计工作提出三个方面要求。一是按照中央城市工作会议精神和省、市相关要求,(下转A4版) (上接A1版)坚持以人为中心理念,尊重百姓意愿,更加注重功能品质优化、公共服务提升、宜居环境建设和产城融合发展,为市民创造更加宜居宜业的良好城市环境。二是统筹好历史与当代、过去与未来的关系,把城市的历史、文化、底蕴、特色守护好、传承好,同时坚持先进规划理念推动城市面向未来可持续发展,实现“守得住、望得远”。三是提升规划设计开放度,形成政府部门、专业机构、社会公众共同参与规划制定,共同监督规划落实的良好格局,加强规划控制“全覆盖”,真正使规划成果成为城市建设发展的共识和遵循。 (刘晓) (责编:唐璐、张妍)相关的主题文章:


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