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The network now fake Harry? Potter 8 "is still in the sale of publications – Beijing newspaper news (reporter Lu Yanxia) on shops Harry? Potter series eighth" Harry? Potter and the children of the damned "fake publications, yesterday, the people’s Literature Publishing Agency General Guan Shiguang in the briefing that the rights" I have written notice to the agency to immediately stop, the sale of illegal publications." But according to him, so far, the infringement continues. In July 4, 2016, the people’s Literature Publishing House to buy "Harry? Potter and the children of the damned" Chinese simplified version of the copyright, and authorize the editorial translation of the book of Ma Ainong, in October 29, 2016 in a unified national market sales. At present, publishers are working hand in hand Dangdang, Jingdong and other online bookstores and the national book store for the sale of the book. The current pre-sale situation is more than expected, only the first day of the first 2 thousand Dangdang pre-sale, less than a week before the pre-sale volume of nearly 20 thousand. At the same time, also led to the Harry Potter series of other works of sales, an increase of 700%. But just a few days before the sale, Taobao appeared on the so-called "Harry, the children of the cursed and the" spot ", divided into two kinds of hardcover peace pack" "" "" "" "" ". This batch of illegal publications shipped mainly concentrated in Shanghai, Guangdong, the translation, crudely made mistakes, even before the seven volumes are the names of the wrong translation. People’s Literature Publishing House has requested the State Copyright Bureau and the national anti pornography Office held on the matter, on sales of illegal publications "Harry? Potter and the children of the damned" behavior to stop, and a serious criminal responsibility of counterfeiters, to protect the original author, humanities society and the legitimate rights and interests of consumers. Pornography Office of the relevant responsible person said, will be ordered to stop infringement violations, confiscate the illegal gains, confiscate and destroy the infringing copies and fined. If the circumstances are serious, the materials, tools and equipment used for making infringing copies will be confiscated.相关的主题文章:


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