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Real-Estate Would you go to your real estate agent for advice on the stock market? Probably not. While your real estate agent does help you with a different kind of investment your home that doesnt make them automatically qualified to give you advice on the latest IPO from Wall Street. When you want good information you go to the authority. You go to the expert on the topic! Want investment information? See an investment specialist. Got a cough and fever? See a doctor. Want to buy a car? Go to the dealership. But when youre looking around at many choices, which is the right one to choose? Which one, among your many choices, is the authority on the information you want? In the home warranty industry its hard to tell. You type in home warranty in a search engine and several .panies .e up. Who do you choose? Which one will tell you the information you need to make good decisions and which ones will try to sell you something you dont need? Here are a few ways to help you discover which home warranty .pany is the authority on the home warranty industry. Search for home warranty websites and .pare them. What do you notice? Many home warranty .panies try to straddle the fence and cater to their paying customers AND their service providers AND realtors all at the same time. When push .es to shove, how much of their time are they going to spend on you? (Hint: if only one-third of their website is spent on you theres a good chance that only one-third of their attention is focused on you). How can a home warranty provider be an authority in the industry when theyre so busy trying to be all things to all people? Most home warranty .panies tell you what kind of policy you should have. Theyll tell you that you need all your ceiling fans covered even if you dont own any ceiling fans. And theyll make you pay for them. How can a home warranty provider be an authority in the industry when youre the expert on your home but theyre telling you what should be covered?!? How many home warranty .panies provide you with unbiased industry analysis in the form of reports, RSS feeds, and whitepapers to help guide you through the decision-making process? A site that does that is an authoritative site. Met Home Warranty provides homeowners, home buyers, and home sellers with more than just home warranties. Through their authoritative site they provide industry information with current technology, an innovative Design-A-Plan system that caters to your specific needs, and a downloadable PDF whitepaper to help you understand everything you need to know about a home warranty. So for a new home, go to a real estate agent. For a home warranty, go the industry-leading authority: Met Home Warranty. The home warranty doctor is in! About the Author: 相关的主题文章:


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