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The Global Times editorial: Jia Jinglong case in law impeccable original title: editorial: do not let the public opinion field become Chinese the "Supreme Court" Author: Global Times caused controversy on the Internet Jia Jinglong homicide today with the final results: Shijiazhuang City Intermediate People’s court in accordance with the president of the Supreme People’s court issued orders to Jia Jinglong execution. Before the execution, the court arranged for Jia Jinglong to meet with their relatives. Jia Jinglong’s death sentence was reviewed by the Supreme Court, he will be executed last month after the news broke out on the Internet, some activists expressed strong opposition to public opinion. They suggested Jia Jinglong belongs to the passion murder because the houses were demolished, killed by the village Party Secretary He Jianhua has a serious fault, and Jia Jinglong confessed after committing crimes and so on, some people on the Internet to promote a real demolitions, Jia Jinglong sued nowhere, his girlfriend, was forced to crime revenge tragedy narrative. However, the supreme law today to make a detailed answer to the question on the Internet, proof of the previous description of the case on the Internet a lot of untrue. For example, Jia Jinglong is not in the demolition site passion murder, but two years after the demolition of his intentional homicide, in the past two years, he did a lot of preparation to kill the victim. He fled the scene after the murder, after being chased by the villagers uniforms, during which he also shot a no arrest, a message he wrote does not constitute a surrender. In addition, the demolition is part of a legitimate transformation project, Jia Jinglong father has signed a contract on behalf of the family and the village, and compensation. Jia Jinglong personally refused to move, resulting in his girlfriend’s parents and his character to prevent the marriage, his personal life became a mess, not the victim caused by one hand. The supreme law finally issued an order for Jia Jinglong to execute the death penalty, which should be said that the law in the face of public opinion is a stick. Some people on the Internet’s logic is simple: the village is demolitions of evil, Jia Jinglong killed the village party secretary is riot evil and heroism, this is "misgovernment makes the people rebel". The real case is very different. The law only to respect the facts, and not on the part of the person’s emotional accommodation. It should be noted that a small number of lawyers to mislead the public opinion. They describe the details of the case to the public is not true, the interpretation of the relevant legal provisions are not accurate. As a legal professional, making such mistakes should not be. In this event, part of the online public opinion before Jia Jinglong’s death penalty against falling into the convention where the victim most probably it did not actually happen, although only a village Party Secretary Jianhua, but was labeled "official" label, whether the case shall be directed to the judgment of "the people." the hot debate. At this time, the execution of the murderer Jia Jinglong became a civilian killed". Chinese is committed to building the rule of law society, the total ideological framework to set some special case, the corresponding network era of "political correctness", it is in any case. In that case, the Internet led "moral court" will become the China "Supreme Court", the professional field of public opinion will replace the likes and dislikes of the law, who many fans and powerful, who became a judge". From the case of Jia Jinglong by the media attention, today he was holding.相关的主题文章:


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