The girl to repair the ancient murals cited controversy department intern has left the temple (Figur winsockfix

The girl to repair ancient mural controversy interns has left the temple (Figure) – Beijing Hirokatsu interns behind the temple mural division network f dispute has left the temple mural division expert said: without qualification illegal   repair; the day before, the net posts "she has a face of Kim Hee Sun, but in a temple Shanxi, climb up and down the construction for two years" mural hot, let a restoration of the 80 girls concern. A few days later, the female mural division began to be questioned by users, that the repair method is not professional, not in the repair of artifacts but in the destruction of cultural relics…… For a time, the topic of cultural relics protection once again into the public view. Does the girl as a professional cultural relic repair staff? Is it appropriate to use the method in the process of mural restoration? Does she have the relevant qualifications? With these questions, JINGWAH Times reporter in September 13th to Shanxi Guangsheng temple investigation. The girl to repair the ancient murals cited controversy like Kim Hee Sun, both the value and feelings". The day before, a young girl from the Shanxi mural restoration became popular on the Internet, with micro-blog in "I in Hongdong murals" work diary and high color value, attracted a large number of users praise, many media and public micro signal quotes a lot of girls to restore the frescoes micro-blog images and diary report. Has aroused widespread concern. According to media reports, the girl who repaired the mural graduated from Fudan University, Shanghai, College of Visual Arts, professional heritage restoration. She said in micro-blog, after graduation to love the work of cultural relics, chose to stay in Shanxi in the cultural relics restoration work "to complete their youth practice". However, when she was "lucky", a week ago, some of the net posts to repair the girl openly mural behavior of "fire", and questioned the repair level she and unit mural to Guangsheng temple. A micro-blog in the real name authentication technician Bo said: "last year we saw this temple in Shanxi they ‘make’ murals, everyone on the spot could not help but angry, this is where the repair. With their level of cultural relics in again on the hook line, with cheap stone color and bright red in the paintings, painting, ancient painters of the hard work of several generations, the millennium history, and it was later hand painted……" Then, have a "ruined relics girl, how to become net red youth" article published on the web, the restoration of the female wall painter from a professional point of questioning. The author thinks that the female images displayed on the wall to repair the painter micro-blog in the large area with "repair", mural characters face lines of the light aliasing, where painted thick, color shades of the original break point are also connected. The article is also equipped with a picture, a figure wearing a rubber glove hand is to repair the murals with a pen, the author believes that the repair of the problem with a red pen to do a circle. After that, on the issue in these fierce net Post reporters found that female artist in the wall micro-blog some work in Guangsheng temple mural restoration of the original scene photos have been deleted. Reporters repeatedly to contact the female painter and wall questioned friends, did not get a positive response. Since then, the female wall painter said publicly on micro-blog, "looking from相关的主题文章:


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