The first Chinese Game Industry Forum (Shangyu) high value Yan eye agogoktv

The first Chinese Game Industry Forum (Shangyu) Gao Yan Yan Zhiliang high net value red, two dimensional Coser, ultra cool Mobile Games…… In October 23rd, the first China game industry forum and Eyou cup E-sports competition kicked off in Shangyu Eyou Town, the event Yan burst table values, gathered a large coffee, new bright, interesting. The beauty of the game’s new legs get together 38 beautiful dazzling event, red net is broadcast, "onmyoji" Coser team in the game field strength of ring powder, new conference link, eyeful is beautiful legs, other costume Coser performances instantly blew the audience. Anhui TV Phenomenon "IP rule" with our Mobile Games become suction eye spot, it is understood that the game for the annual Anhui TV variety show "we rule" genuine official authorization name Mobile Games game, relying on the popular variety show ratings and heat topic, the development of IP to realize high high, film and television business as a brand incubator the whole industry chain IP. At the same time, "the world" and "fire swirling shadow" through the two games in the conference also launched simultaneously. High starting point, wide audience, creative enough, it can be said that these 3 games represent the latest trends in the development of the current game, I believe that the development of the town landmark." To attend the conference, vice president of wandering Holdings forgame Li Xin told reporters. Gathered a large coffee in the virtual space tourism suction eye the era of great change, the game industry will decide on what path to follow? In the main forum held in the afternoon, the United States Space company VR CEO and founder of Ryan Holmes, CEO Wang Ji and other century Huatong big coffee industry full debut, to discuss the development mode and direction of the game industry. Space VR company in the United States recently and NASA (NASA) reached a cooperation, the first launch of the world’s first virtual space tourism project. Company CEO and founder Ryan Holmes was invited to attend the forum and Eyou cup E-sports competition, as the main venue of the summit speakers, Ryan Holmes with the participants to share his views on "global innovation trend" VR game industry. Ryan Holmes also revealed that next year, Space VR will launch a satellite equipped with a VR camera, open virtual space travel. IP push "sword" to develop new ideas "few people know the connection between IP and game, Daguai upgrade and wind game trend, is the source of our traditional masterpiece" The Classic of the Great Wilderness ", this shows that our IP can provide resources for the game industry, there are many." Vice chairman of Zhejiang province Writers Network Writers Association Secretary General Xia Lie in the "Eyou town network games and novel IP forum speech, the site attracted guests resonance. From "Nirvana in Fire" to "smile" very little, in the wave of IP film in recent years, with the same name Mobile Games almost become standard, with the original popularity led tv drama hit, the hit topic for game development and mining drainage campaign, enhance the ability of IP resources is becoming more urgent. The "coffee" with rich industry experience forces from their respective industries and.相关的主题文章:


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