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The dragon baby plan example movie "Niuniu amusement park" fixing dragon baby model for children entertainment Sohu culture brand movie "Niuniu amusement park" from preparatory to complete the shooting, after a month and a half, 19 this month, Shandong Linyi up smoothly. The film director Jin Tao directed by new returnees, produced by Zhao Yanan, producer, screenwriter Wang Minghuan Ke Yan, main actor Zhang Di, Wang Lanzhen, Cui Yingjie, Zi, Shen Baiqiao, Lin Li, Liu Yanbin, Zang neon fusion; children of friendship, family, environmental protection, Li Zhi and other elements, as everyone tells the story of a lead thought-provoking story. Linyi’s first children’s film Shandong Linyi enjoy "Huai town" reputation, is China Shuhuazhixiang, calligraphy village. Deputy magistrate Meng Lingjun attended the dragon baby model plan "Niuniu amusement park" project launch ceremony that the movie "Niuniu amusement park" is an important step in exploring the development of cultural industry in Linyi County, can not only enhance Linyi’s cultural awareness, more can develop and film of this project, the first the gun hit Linyi County Cultural Industry development. True to create children movie film "Niuniu amusement park" opened a small actor, is through out carefully from the Linyi County Society for screening, and then after shooting before training. In the process of filming, actors have bitter sweet, with rain repeatedly building amusement park scene, grasping the cheerful scene, the sad scene misunderstanding chicken blame, participating actor is the first attempt to film, as can be imagined difficulties encountered, after the release of the film will be presented one by one. Repeatedly polished to better film "Niuniu amusement park" in the official before the shooting, in order to give the audience more beautiful and more realistic works, the script after dozens of polish; still shooting, each play lines, the personality of characters, things background according to the day of the situation, to modify. The day before the late movie "Niuniu amusement park" is being produced, will meet with the audience as soon as possible.相关的主题文章:


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