The distance between you and the winter, only a bubble hot spring! (video)

The distance between you and the winter, only a bubble hot spring! "You wear long johns me in the southern sun in the winter eating popsicles in the North snow, friends of Guangzhou are quipped to pay attention to heatstroke today wearing a dog you cold? Ha ha ha ha ha this thing told us never questioned the wisdom of the ancients well, positive thing to say, the weather is getting cold, we should pay attention to add warm clothing to pay attention to the body oh! If you have time, go to bubble spa is also quite good. If you want to bubble in addition to natural health spa, also want to appreciate the beauty of small drunk beauty of ginkgo, strongly recommend that you go to Tengchong Tengchong Tengchong in the Ming Dynasty traveler Xu Xiake once described Tengchong hot springs: "a love to call money, water amorous; Lin steaming bath, steam heat of students. Was as cool as crisp, prevent disease, not as wonderful; Mu Tianchi bird, Gansu spa". At the very edge of the beloved Xu Xiake, mountain orchid incense, Quanyong Zhu Teng, in a clump of Shanzhong mist, Miao Miao, such as in Wonderland, Manitoba, rolling ring spring wells, such as the sound of the bell, the sound like a drum. Drinking water level in Tengchong Rehai hot springs from the volcano, many types, strong, large-scale, hot, hot springs spewing everywhere, since ancient times "a hot sea" laudatory name. The hot spring water is rich in minerals, the purity is to reach the level of drinking water. The Tengchong landform Overview – it is located in the Eurasian plate and India plate, the confluence of active crustal movement, cause frequent earthquake, earthquake and volcano eruption caused severe. Because at the junction of the plate, the underground magma activity is violent, the heat flow to the surface rising eruption. According to reports, in the territory of Tengchong due to volcanic activity and the formation of steam springs, hot springs group of about more than and 90, the water temperature of hot springs generally up to more than 90 degrees celsius. There are many strange landscape, one of the most distinctive is the big roll. Large roll diameter of 3 meters, about 1.5 meters deep, has braved 96 degrees of boiling water, sound, steam cupola. As the name suggests, you can jump to steamed. Long roll pot boiled egg is one of the traditional repertoire of course, is not suitable for large roll pot hot springs, visitors here can dig a pit in the ground, put rice and food boxes placed in the pit, less than half an hour meal cooked. The local people also use the fountain of vents, straw mat, steamed sweet potatoes, potatoes, and Boiled Egg in the "roll" hot spring. Bubble hot spring and then add energy, the day is not easy. To tell you a joke, once a cow, to roll pot thirsty to drink salty water, accidentally fell into the pot, when the village was found, has boiled a pot of beef broth. The best season of autumn November, the end of Tengchong ginkgo tours highlight in addition to hot springs, the second is to see the ginkgo! Ginkgo village, ginkgo tree, ancient and simple, sound and breath, hidden in the mountains, in the smoke between farms! Here is the quiet autumn winter is like heaven, in a golden dream, was filmed the movie "martial arts", is the garden of paradise! Here is " the village in the forest, forest in the village of " rely on each other. Every autumn, around the house, and the yellow leaves, very beautiful. The precious hundred year old gingko tree makes this small village appear simple and profound.!相关的主题文章:


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