The critics wrote the article whether can enter the market price tag nvidia geforce gt 740m

The critics wrote the article whether can enter the market price tag? Artists can make money, critics write whether can be priced into the market? A group of recent planning of the magazine has strongly stimulated the return of this sensitive nerve in the domestic art circle. The fuse is recently, columnist Liao Liao of the art criticism of the arena of the skinning bone of criticism (see "on" art criticism "necessity"), directed some critics at the expense of their professional reputation, for various artists writing exaggerated criticism "" deliberately raising artist’s work status, so that their client completely reduced to art trading. This is a disease with treatment of the art circle, make criticism from continue to corrupt, Mr. Liao opened a agents: the establishment of "art company", the "human" the article "fees" from the existing system to remove criticism, let art criticism itself as much as possible to get rid of the shackles of power and capital, the rivers and lakes; through this platform, critics write only involves appreciation and interpretation, does not involve the judgment and conclusion "appreciate comments" can meet the artist to get works interpretation and dissemination of the desire, also can not affect your reputation under the condition of remuneration. Somehow, after reading this article, I immediately thought of "art movement: · fight the enemy separately for 20 years" experience Chinese contemporary art book, "art in motion: · fight the enemy separately for 20 years" experience China contemporary art book, Li Xianting of Italy critic Monica · Chinese dematte observation of contemporary art "freedom and sense of distance", demonstrate genuine envy. In this Chinese, the art critics regarded as the rule of "independence" seems to have become the only buried the dream of my heart. Over the past 20 years, the development of the domestic art industry all the way, making a large number of artists rich, each quarter of the auction market are at the stage of astronomical turnover myth. As the industry’s main participants, critics "Chuiladanchang, do not directly affect market transactions, but is undoubtedly an important foundation, the formation of various commercial evaluation standards and, when a gorgeous artist boarded the Hurun Report, profit distribution law of critics is also compatible with this group waiting for their labor. At present, the domestic artists generally directly into the market, the objective of the commercial review of the service has also formed a strong demand. There is a demand will have the market. It is not only blocking sparse suppression of our attitudes in the mechanism, the development of the industry to share the art critic exclusive interests, the potential demand will inevitably turn to underground, to meet the interests of both sides of supply and demand through the gray transaction, which caused the problem of academic misconduct will be more serious. Critics attached to the power of capital and human, put some serious theory mechanically for artists or halfway decent top hat, more in name than in reality sounding, really. However, in order to let each critic pick up a pen, can consciously maintain their professional and conscience, is not the first to make their legitimate interests of the book相关的主题文章:


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