The Brain Yang Mi Huang Zitao – Sohu entertainment on-line writing demonophobia

"The Brain" Yang Mi Huang Zitao writing – on-line entertainment   Sohu; Yang Mi model Sohu entertainment real man trained with regularity, with a mettlesome and handsome bearing, Li Rui, Liyan Tong, Yang Mi, Zhang Lanxin, Shen Mengchen, Jiang Jinfu, Huang Zitao, the Saturday night "happy camp" to report! Yang Mi incarnation wisdom to play, challenge the strongest brain". Huang Zitao sang "take heart as soon as this song", promises. The magic of the Divine Comedy "PPAP" Jiang Jinfu reduction, enchanting dance, see people stay. Du Haitao Shen Mengchen for the first time as soon as this stage, staged personal dance. The army freaky incarnation of Yang Mi "The Brain" Du Haitao Shen Mengchen pink constantly guests encounter against the memory test, in the military to show the amazing memory incarnation of Yang Mi "The Brain", full of calm and confident answer, successfully challenged He Jiong, become "wisdom play". New recruits rescue test, sudden unexpected situation, they will be how to deal with? Li Weijia lying on the ground, as helpless victims of war. Have experience in the army of Yang Mi, because of gauzing heavy hand, let Li Weijia to complain about. However, the pain of Li Weijia still behind, Huang Zitao will the whole piece of gauze cut out two holes, directly over the face of Li Weijia said: "as long as the bag on the line". Li Weijia was surprised to petrochemical, badly, my tao! At the same time on the other side, Jiang Jinfu and Shen Mengchen as "escape the fire", take professional low position near the creeping wounded Du Haitao, "battlefield behavior norm full. In order to rescue the wounded, coma Jiang Jinfu advised Shen Mengchen to the scene of Du Haitao moving artificial respiration, Shen Mengchen hurriedly shy endless prevarication, causing the audience screaming… A sweet to fat hot dance, let the audience atmosphere to climax. Jiang Jinfu comedy "PPAP" yellow Zitao reduction divine comedy writing "as soon as this song" recruits fraternity, who more attention? The show, Jiang kifo down "idol burden, God to restore the burst of red network kichiku Divine Comedy" PPAP ", staged enchanting magic dance. See Fu Tsai accidentally exposed his "inner world", the audience can not help surprised shouted to "so you Jiang Jinfu!" Please believe my link, Huang Zitao made a place in France, poker-faced nonsense ability of minutes to refresh individual height, were guests coldly disgusted". The Yellow Zitao versatile incarnation of "warm heart Tao", "the last honor song" agreed on the stage for all his soulful singing writing "the song", Tao Tao said to do, if that is a man! Mayor Li Rui pajamas big ladder staged contrast Liyan Tong head bow with adorable girl feeling overwhelmed pajamas ladder, all wearing pajamas under different style uniforms, staged adorable contrast! Draw the catwalk dress, the result is to let everyone stunned, fall into a reverie. The village head Li Rui put on hip hop T and flower shorts, instantly find yourself. Li Weijia, a black and white striped jumpsuits, let the audience laughter. Liyan Tong bear pajamas collocation bow belt, the girl feeling overwhelmed. Star home style is different, there are more wonderful pajamas waiting for you to explore. This week!相关的主题文章:


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