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The 2017 section: how to get out of state do not trouble? Time flashed, postgraduate party ushered in October. Then, after a period of accumulation, the accumulation of knowledge and a lot of students do the correct rate has risen to a new level. However, there are some students frustrated that their own problems, and have not been in state: take English for example, although the article can understand, but still a lot of mistakes; words are back, but when it appears in the title, although it will feel very familiar, but we don’t remember what it means. So how to overcome the present state, improve the accuracy of their own problems? The New Oriental online national research postgraduate entrance examination research center on this issue for all doubts. 1, analysis of the source of the error, first, when we are wrong, we must carefully analyze the reasons for their mistakes, to classify errors, and constantly reflect on what methods should be used to avoid errors. No reflection of no progress, the problem is not that the essence of the brush, but that we continue to reflect in error, so as to master the knowledge and skills needed to answer. For English politics and liberal arts courses, the sources of errors are as follows: 1, due to not serious mistakes. 2, the knowledge of the fuzzy memory or forget the error. 3, way of thinking and the logic of the topic does not match. We must learn to analyze the errors, and then an antidote against the disease. 2, consolidate the basic knowledge of English, reading will be a lot of mistakes, only that you haven’t really read the article, or you have no key words read out points involved, but there is a general understanding of the article. In order to improve the accuracy of English reading, must understand thoroughly understand each article, there is no knowledge of the blind spot. In this way, can guarantee the correct rate in seventy percent to eighty, the rest is we need to do in the process of gradually set close to logic thinking; English Cloze requires English synonyms, to have this ability can only be accumulated, no other way; on the words, we recite the words. It is best to read words on the book, can not simply use hard to memorize words in English Chinese translation to understand words, only in the specific context of the meaning, can quickly understand the meaning of it in the article. In addition, to the full range of memory words, the word book and reading together to remember the word. In mathematics, a problem carefully, making the wrong set of questions. From the postgraduate maths examination each year of the analysis, a lot of students usually have the exam be negligent and loses shouldn’t have lost, because too late for regrets so new Oriental online, the national postgraduate entrance examination research center suggested that the students usually to develop the problem carefully, at the same time, students are advised to make a wrong set of questions so, we in the future in the review, focus on the review of these errors can be repeated, not only saves time, but also improve the quality and efficiency of review. 3, out of the bottleneck in the practice of error is not terrible, terrible is to doubt yourself and stop. Problems in practice must be!相关的主题文章:


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