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Tesla’s great ambition – a word or two, Tibet on car sharing car Sohu original link: micro signal: GeekCar last week, automatic driving an event: Tesla released a major upgrade Autopilot "autopilot" hardware, eight camera blessing, let the current production of the Tesla car, at the hardware level have the ability support level 5 level of automatic driving (Tesla at least think so). In contrast, the function can be provided by the Autopilot, only equivalent to the level of level 2-3 autopilot. A few months ago, there is a very main bus because of the use of Autopilot function in death, everyone thought that Elon Musk should be on the road of the convergence of the autopilot, but he did not think it took a big step forward unashamed. The actual performance of the new hardware, how to wait for the owner of the road on the ground, but we are once again felt Tesla’s determination to do autopilot. Interested students can see our article last week: Tesla’s brain hole is still very large, but the Chinese road is still very poor. In today’s article, we do not discuss the technology, to change the topic, talk about last week’s Conference on an easy to overlook details: Tesla’s shared car program. Tesla’s release, there is such a saying: if you want to use a fully automatic driving function to share the car, and occasionally pull a friend or family is no problem. If it is to make money, such as pull Uber, drops, it will have to go through the Tesla Network, the details will be announced next year. "Presumably simple literally you can see: the future, if you buy a computer with automatic driving function of Tesla, basically don’t want to use it to open Uber, do the car. If you really want to do it, it must be in the "Tesla Network" system can be. Above, we can see the basic, Tesla is actually want to do their own car sharing platform! So, what is the relationship between automatic driving and vehicle sharing? This is a good explanation. You should have heard some people give you a picture of the future scene: you have a self driving car (unmanned) function, when you want the car, just call it next to you, and then you get to where you want to go, and when you are at work or when they go outside. You can make your car using the autopilot (unmanned), autonomous vehicles sharing service delivery needs of other passengers, then you "takings", to achieve the greatest degree of vehicle use. Sounds like a lot of imagination, in fact, a lot of people have imagined many times before, but because Tesla Autopilot upgrade, it seems that this scene is closer to us. According to the conference, Tesla will announce more details about the sharing plan in the next year. Driverless car sharing is not actually R相关的主题文章:


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