Su Ning wins the prize rival Evergrande, admits that there is a contradiction with the

Suning won the prize comparable to Hengda, Peja admit that there is a contradiction with the team, Suning out 6 million win award, the new season AFC Champions League kicked off, super BIG4 launched across the board. Today, the two games is particularly impressive, Su Ningdong window to Chinese ho throw football to the summit of world football, Ramirez, Teixeira and other astronomical aid created the attention of their ability in team There was no parallel in history., AFC Champions League first gave a satisfactory answer? Shandong Luneng is playing the hat of the AFC Champions League tragedy, and also needs a good start to wash away the humiliation. Rumors disturb for AFC Champions League nouveau riche military battle, Su Ning, the whole team has arrived in Vietnam on the day before yesterday, as the Lantern Festival, a team of soldiers in the hotel to eat the Lantern Festival, Wang Teixeira also Romans played with chopsticks, a relaxed atmosphere in the squad. Behind the relaxed, an undercurrent about coach Petre J Cu began to surge. Yesterday, foreign media exposed Petre J Cu admit the news of the end of the class, Russian media reports said, Peja Shuai already knew about Suning intended to let his class, this he felt very not understand, but also admit that there is some contradiction between himself and suning. In Petre J Cu view, you may be fired is oneself have criticized Suning transfer policy. Although the strength of Pingyang, but when the first AFC Champions League coming, no doubt that some such news will disrupt, Suning lineup despite the unprecedented strength, but there are still a big foreign aid in the current period, Ramirez was the only person to maintain a good state before joining the team. Teixeira joined the team a few days ago, and he hasn’t trained for three weeks. In addition, in order to motivate players, the club will open 500-600 yuan AFC Champions win award, this bonus standard has been comparable with hengda. Qili massacre at Shandong Luneng also broken arrow refused to have arrived in Hiroshima preparing for the first group phase, the official club issued a "broken arrow" Ming expedition posters show Luneng made a good start to. In recent years, from time to time in the AFC Champions League game losing a large margin, let Luneng dubbed the AFC Champions League massacre team, the club also hope that through this shameful. This season Luneng of the preparatory work done very carefully, light of Sanfrecce Hiroshima spent nearly a month, coach Menezes and players can do the homework. In yesterday’s press conference, Menezes was absent because of the cold of the conference, he attended the generation of assistant Sidney said frankly: "Sanfrecce Hiroshima lineup is relatively stable, they are characteristic of many players, but the speed is very fast, it is worth our attention." He also highlighted a player Utaka, "we know that their new foreign aid, Utaka is also a very good player, the last game he scored, we will pay full attention to this powerful opponent."." In addition, the game will be suspended for Wang Yongpo, according to Menezes Liu Binbin, who will be entrusted with the task. Chongqing evening news reporter Feng Jie

苏宁赢球奖金媲美恒大 佩帅承认与球队有矛盾 苏宁开出600万赢球奖   新赛季亚冠拉开帷幕,中超BIG4全线出击。今天进行的两场比赛格外引人瞩目,苏宁冬窗的豪掷把中国足球带到了世界足坛之巅,拉米雷斯、特谢拉等天价外援造就了球队史无前例的关注度,他们能否在亚冠首战交上一份满意的答卷?山东鲁能顶着亚冠惨案队的帽子出征,也亟需用一场开门红洗刷耻辱。   流言扰乱土豪军心   为准备亚冠首战,苏宁全队已于前天抵达越南,而正值元宵佳节,全队将士在酒店吃起了元宵,标王特谢拉也入乡随俗用起了筷子,队内气氛一片轻松。在轻松的背后,一股关于主帅佩特雷斯库的暗流开始涌动。   昨日外媒曝出佩特雷斯库承认即将下课的消息,俄罗斯媒体报道称,佩帅已经知道了有关苏宁有意让自己下课,对此他感到非常不理解,但也承认自己与苏宁之间确实存在一些矛盾。而在佩特雷斯库看来,自己可能被解雇的原因是自己曾经批评过苏宁的引援政策。虽然平阳实力一般,然而在亚冠首战即将开始的时候,这样的消息无疑有些扰乱军心,而苏宁方面尽管阵容实力空前,但大牌外援还是有个磨合的时期,目前只有拉米雷斯一个人在加盟球队之前保持了良好的状态。特谢拉前几天才和球队会合,他有三个星期没训练了。此外为了激励球员,俱乐部将开出500-600万元的亚冠赢球奖,这个奖金标准已经与恒大不相上下。   齐力断箭拒绝惨案   目前山东鲁能也已经到达广岛积极备战首场小组赛,俱乐部官方发出了《断箭明志》的出征海报,展现了鲁能取得开门红的决心。近年来,不时在亚冠赛场大比分输球,让鲁能被戏称为亚冠惨案队,俱乐部也希望通过此战一雪前耻。   本赛季鲁能的准备工作做得很细致,光研究广岛三箭就花了近一个月,主帅梅内塞斯和队员们可谓做足了功课。在昨天的赛前新闻发布会上,梅内塞斯却因为感冒缺席了发布会,代他出席的助教西德尼坦言:“广岛三箭阵容比较稳定,他们很多球员很有特点,而且速度非常快,这值得我们注意。”他还着重提到了一名球员乌塔卡,“我们了解到他们新外援乌塔卡也是一个非常好的球员,最近一场比赛他还进了球,我们会充分重视这个强大对手。”此外本场比赛王永珀将会停赛,据梅内塞斯透露,刘彬彬此役将被委以重任。   重庆晚报记者 冯劼相关的主题文章:


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