Spring Festival is like nail skyrocketed Cao Yunjin it’s quite expensive dataload

Spring Festival is like nail skyrocketed? Cao Yunjin: has been very expensive to pay attention to the public number Sina micro plastic, see more exciting original content! Original title: even on the Spring Festival gala will rise? Cao Yunjin: it’s very expensive Cao Yunjin Xinbaoxun (reporter Zhang Xuejun) announced that Cao Yunjin [micro-blog] day ago, led by him to cloud Xuan will be staged once a year in February 12, 2017 sealing performance. Cao Yunjin is very busy recently, previously filmed Ying Da’s "dragon locomotive", and recently finished the "killer", and began the CCTV Spring Festival Gala [micro-blog] preparations. In recent years the continuous spring, people almost to Cao Yunjin said to the spring nail. He was asked whether the value of growth? Cao Yunjin said: "can not be increased, this already quite expensive." When it comes to the closure of the show, Cao Yunjin said: now very few people in order to open a dialogue conference, and I opened the conference is intended to allow more people to support the small theater crosstalk, support for young comic actors." Asked the audience, busy time Cao Yunjin and the creation of new scripts? He said: "now the comic stage, many new scripts, but like" Yellow Crane Tower "and" bodyguard "such traditional scripts is less and less, the real oral literature increasingly ignored. We should put the old piece of them often doubled." As for the new piece, Xiao Cao said, because of their own economic strength, so there are now several fixed team queen screenwriter to write their own scripts, and then their writers together. This performance, he will give the audience to come up with two new scripts. (commissioning editor: Dongdong) more exciting content, please pay attention to female @ Sina (micro-blog)相关的主题文章:


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