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"Space travelers" International Edition Poster cousin xingjue universe adventure Sohu "entertainment space travelers" exposure to International Poster Star Jazz Chris McDonald and big cousin Jennifer Laurence starring [HD Photo] Click to enter the entertainment news by Sohu "imitation game" director Teng Tai Mo – dum "big cousin" directed by Oscar winner Jennifer Laurence and Star Jazz starring Chris McDonald’s annual science fiction adventure movie "Passengers" (tentative translation of "space travelers") today the world’s first synchronized international poster. Figure two people lost in the deep sky, are looking grim looking straight ahead, and the middle of a row of text "we wake up early for a reason", suggests that the early two recovery arrangements must be strange". On the brink of crisis, visual effects eye-opening, strike a deep chord suspense, so the film has not been released on to obtain a high degree of attention. The legendary journey Lawrence Pratt deep space at the end of the ultimate adventure movie "space travelers" tells the story of the two astronauts Jim Preston (passenger Chris McDonald ornaments) and Aurora (Jennifer Laurence) rides in a spaceship to another planet to start a new life. But there was a fatal accident in the journey, which caused them to wake up to the destination 90 years earlier than the scheduled time. Jim and Aurora tried to unlock the mystery behind the accident woke up, they fell in love with each other, a strong attraction to each other can not refuse. However, they will also be threatened by the imminent collapse of the spacecraft and the discovery of an unexpected wake up truth. "Space travelers" story set in the future, the vast expanse of the universe is no longer barren alone, interstellar travel is at hand. The beam between the two poster in the bottom of the screen as bright as day, exquisite "Avalon" was split the vast galaxy, the pure light of single handedly into space, we can see two people will be led by opening a wonderful journey Ambilight, grand adventure will surge high and sweep forward in deep space staged shock. The ultra luxury lineup cast together to create the science fiction myth anticipated since the shooting, the light cast on the concern. "Big cousin" Jennifer – Laurence Oscar has been nominated three times in a row, in the field of commercial and literary films are extremely impressive achievements; Star Jazz "Chris McDonald" with the Milky Way guard "surge in popularity, two are considered at the box office. The space of an imminent crisis, thrilling events triggered at any moment shouldering all the passengers, save the lives of two people can only do their best, unknown fate is about to open the door, ending a mystery in a dilemma of choice. But the two poster is eagle-eyed, heart seems to make some decisions. A great disaster struck the hitherto unknown, the two people together through a distillation of emotion, to this epic legendary cruel adventure adds some warm bright colors, the romantic and heroic journey is more and more very touching. "Space travelers" by "Plo Michel J" writer Joe Speights penned the script, and as early as 2007, the script will be selected by the Hollywood.相关的主题文章:


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