South African women surf with 5 shark tails, ignoring each other’s continued tours. (Chart) – Sohu n-kimi wo omou melodi

South African woman was surfing 5 shark tails with ignore each other continued to swim (Figure) – Sohu News Reference News Network reported on February 22nd many people love exciting sports, such as surfing. Cape Town in South Africa, but the day before, there is a woman to go surfing, there have 5 "shark" with her, but the woman was not aware, fortunately, these 5 shark seems to have no interest for her. This is a thrilling scene, a pilot was filmed. Taiwan’s ETTV cloud February 21st quoted the "Daily Mail" reported that a 41 year old Jane (Jean Tresfon), pilots driving a helicopter with Strandfontein over Beach, just see 5 black spots with a surf woman from her about a few hundred meters, carefully to see even a shark. Is surfing woman seems unaware of sharks in the side, but with more and more women sharks near, they found themselves seem to have been surrounded, then turn to the shore surf board. But this group of sharks seems not interested in her, so she did not attack, otherwise the consequences be unbearable to contemplate. After the other people see the photos that follow the woman behind the shark may be Carcharhinus brachyurus and thresher, these will not attack a human being. Just past the shark attacks on humans, and according to the statistics and trend of rising year by year, in 2015, there were 98 shark attacks on humans worldwide, mainly occurred in North America; in Australia and South Africa were two or three, 18 and 8 respectively.

南非女子冲浪遭5条鲨鱼尾随 无视对方继续游(图)-搜狐新闻   参考消息网2月22日报道不少人喜欢刺激的运动,例如像是冲浪。但在南非开普顿,日前有一名女子去冲浪时,身边竟然有5条“鲨鱼”跟着随她,但女子并未查觉,所幸这5条鲨鱼似乎也对她没兴趣。只是这惊险的一幕,被一名飞行员全程拍下。   台湾东森新闻云2月21日援引《每日邮报》的报道称,当时一名41岁的飞行员珍(Jean Tresfon),驾驶着直升机行经Strandfontein Beach上空时,正好看见有5个黑点跟着一名正在冲浪的女子,距离她大约几百公尺左右,仔细一看竟然是鲨鱼。   正在冲浪的女子似乎没有察觉到鲨鱼就在身边,但随着鲨鱼愈来愈靠近,女子才发现自己似乎遭到包围,随即将冲浪板转滑向岸上。但这群鲨鱼似乎对她没兴趣,因此并未对她攻击,否则后果不堪设想。   事后其他人看到照片后推测,跟着女子后方的鲨鱼可能是短尾白眼鲛和长尾鲨,这些都不会主动攻击人类。只是过去也发生过鲨鱼攻击人类的事件,且根据统计还有逐年上升的趋势,就在2015年,全球就有98起鲨鱼攻击人类的事件,主要发生地点在北美;另外澳大利亚和南非分居二、三名,各有18起和8起。相关的主题文章:


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