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"Sounds of battle" first exposure singer Karen Mok Hua Chenyu played Hua Chenyu Sohu – Sohu entertainment entertainment news by Oriental TV, independent original effort to build a new large-scale greenhouse challenge program "China music sound of dream — sounds of battle" (hereinafter referred to as the "heavenly war" was discovered, the singer) every one can sing, sing, sing folk singing to the top Chinese music challenge. In the next four quarters, there will be 12 players and the top musicians of the peak of the concert staged. By then, both sides will not only in star in equality and justice on the stage with a singing competition, will lead the audience through the music with feelings of deep emotional resonance. At the same time the relevant public welfare plan are to proceed, in the same star charity concert in preparation. And what are the strengths of the singer will be to accept the subversion of remodeling, and the courage to face the challenges from the new? Recently, the "sound" battle officially announced the list of the show’s starting lineup, Karen Mok, Fei Yuqing, Yang Kun, Hua Chenyu impressively. Each of them is the strength of their own, has a very strong personal singing style, and is willing to continue to try all kinds of music types of well-known musicians. As a result, the program director Li Wenyu, Yan Min described the singing Wars: "this you will feel more like this is opening a martial arts, each school head has been assembled, brightest arena is eager to master." Dare to challenge new attempt four sing without fear of subversion and innovation against the form of expecting one in today’s Chinese music, Karen Mok, Fei Yuqing, Yang Kun and Huachen Yu belong to the most popular singer by imitators. This has nothing to do with their unique voice and performance style. As a singer, Karen Mok has always been a maverick, is the first woman to win the award for Best Mandarin Female Singer, Best Mandarin album double song. Her lazy voice, emotional singing has been for many fans favor. Emil Chau, like David Lui is a veteran singer, early by imitating Fei Yuqing acquired his singing skills and gradually find their own style. The Yang Kun born hoarse voice, suspected foot cigarette pose more in the singing attracted many followers. But this time, these have been imitated, never surpassed the singers or will be from the folk singer who defeated? The biggest highlight of the show, the general director Li Wenyu said that at first contact the singers to participate when there was apprehension, fear that the singer has a certain position of the stars may not be willing to compete with customers. But what’s surprising is that everyone feels that this is a very interesting and meaningful new attempt. Compared to win, but the singers more care is how to show my music? And what kind of problems I will face." There is no fear of the challenges of the display of confidence and the music does not forget the purity of the heart. It is reported that in the "voice" battle of the competition, the star singer will be asked for a song for adaptation and re interpretation. When the four will be how to play their own director, giving a new vitality of the song, which is really looking forward to. It is worth mentioning that the four person in addition to singing outside, still have a very strong.相关的主题文章:


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