Song Dongye was arrested on drug-related, also to a friend involved pgd-426

Song Dongye was arrested on drug-related, also to a friend involved? Song Dongye (information) Chaoyang masses and meritorious service, October 13th at 3:48 in the afternoon, the netizen "Liuhe snow released micro-blog said, the famous Beijing s surname folk singer was arrested for drug abuse arrested locations in the Chaoyang North Road, Berlin Philharmonic three, seized more than and 80 grams of drugs! With reference to "S" name, Beijing famous folk singer of the micro-blog, many users guess is singing "and" bridge "," the singer Song Dongye, miss dong. The results also confirmed the netizens guess, 6 o’clock that night, the media confirmed from authoritative sources, singer Song Dongye suspected of drug use has been arrested by the police. SMS exposure according to Shenzhen Evening News reported that in early 2013, micro-blog had previously broke a suspected drug dealer for Song Dongye to send text messages, the message said: "Hello, my friend Song Dongye Yao is thirteen, want from you to buy……" The SMS content did not show that micro-blog with the text said: "that little Song Dongye." Mentioned in the message, the thirteen is also well-known folk singer, and transmitted from the mobile phone number, the number is indeed Song Dongye himself all. More users to find out earlier in 2014 Song Dongye for the tour to promote the media coverage of the interview, when talking about the star drug, Song Dongye said: in fact, it is not so serious, or can be corrected." Is there a reversal? Song Dongye denied drug Song Dongye drug abuse after the news came out, a reporter called the company’s Modern Sky broker brokerage staff, after hearing the other side was very surprised, said it did not know about the situation of the, the company said that after the news of the drug abuse, the use of the drug, after the news came out of the news. There are also a reporter asked to send text messages to Song Dongye mobile phone, my cell phone number replied: "you tell them, it is impossible for me to scold them, right now," said Song Dongye." But there is no way to confirm whether the message is denied Song Dongye reply. Since then the number once dialed is displayed as busy. It is reported that the appearance looks very mature Song Dongye this year, in fact, only 29 years old, is a well-known folk singer, music composer. His fame is talent and has a great relationship, 2013 happy boys draft, players left Li sang "Miss Dong" let his fame, then, including his "zebra zebra", "bridge" have become a major hit song draft. In August 2013, Song Dongye’s first album "and" North Bridge officially released with this album, he won the "Lu Xun prize of culture". With deeper, exposing more transparent, more unspeakable secrets, all in the "Phoenix gossip" (micro signal: entifengvip), add free reading.相关的主题文章:


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