Shaoxing 90 Beijing University student because of popular poetry play everything for talent

Shaoxing 90 Beijing University student talent because everything has a popular poetry script 90 Shaoxing girl in Zhuji, graduated from Fudan University, now Peking University graduate Master of film and television drama, is a Curve Wrecker level character. Recently, her work was recommended in a heavyweight magazine! Not related to the film script, but poetry. This message is horse and hero, she called ma Guyuan, was born in July 15, 1992 in Zhejiang, Zhuji. Some time ago published the "poetry" magazine, launched a horse Guyuan personal good poem. "Poetry" is Chinese Writers Association director, sponsored by the Chinese Writers Publishing Group, the country’s only national poetry poetry Journal publishing. In fact, this is not accidental, the outstanding young poet, from the grass tower secondary school began in the award-winning. Eleventh new concept composition contest two prize, the fourth session of the "Guanghua poetry award, the second session of the" Southern progressive poet Award ", eighth Capital University Original Works competition prize two, the first red maple poetry award 2013 annual China university ten outstanding young poet," selected works "selected poems and China 2014" 2014 year poem "extract. Author of personal works "long eared fairy tale", "co authored Anthology of poems of transgression and presence: Jiangnan New Chinese poetry 12" "poetry" in shanghai. Poetry is seen in the "forest" "poetry" and "poetry Jiangnan" magazine. Do you think she specializes in poetry and is a major in drama? That’s not the way it is! 2015 was the sixth mirror "script" SARFT youth support award, 2016 "perfectpreson" script won the first prize at the twenty-third Beijing Student Film Festival original screenplay. This confirms the sentence: the life force, do not need to explain! Attached: Ma Guyuan works of Wat Haw Pha Kaew this week as the man went to the first carp because crowds to their strange, accompanied by palpitations, she stepped into the house of his right foot right into the left temple in the first knock at two symmetrical semicircle around a circle, too hot, she stroked his sweat stuck to the temples hair. November。 Unusual good weather people were soaked with Enze, rushing into the hands of the incense into the burning incense, mass production of the ashes of anxiety. She felt uncomfortable, he made people into search merit when he spent long enough time queuing, stomping, both of them have finally found a sigh of Buddha in the list of parallel fingers drooping eyes soft in the fire on the back. She was a huge net like quiet capture, this moment would burst into "death with dice, can be chosen?" Their palms with the same person, that person’s Black Fountain wet them. A month ago he had to sell cheap text for a living, she only focused on the innocent love they had told the crowd Sunday as cool, occasionally good until the shadow of discord tore up their paper Koi filled, they busy to collage mediocre can not afford to buy lotus lamp minimal, even throwing a coin is left in the evening she went north to South after they take the subway he did one day the family will also be so相关的主题文章:


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