Shanghai, Pudong airport will build a week third terminal closed Tongchuan Road Market

Shanghai week: Pudong airport will be built third terminal Tongchuan Road market is about to close in the past week, Shanghai and many things happened. In 13th Five-Year planning to depict the future of Shanghai, Pudong airport will be built third terminal, health care and public life needs to know, otherwise close the Tongchuan road seafood market become the need to record memories of Shanghai. A review of Shanghai this week. Shanghai in 2020 will form 18 rail lines more than 500 stations to release a new message, group, prior to 2020, the city will form 18 lines, more than 500 stations of the rail network. Among them, 5 lines, 8 South extension line three and line 9, three and 17 line is expected by the end of 2017 the opening of trial operation; 10, line two, line 13 (Changqing road – Zhangjiang Road Station) in 2018 before the end of the opening of trial operation; and line 14, line 15 in 2020, line 18 will be completed before the end of the car through the test run. [with] Shanghai will build a three-dimensional city construction to build 100 km of underground tunnel network with the "Shanghai urban construction and management of the" 13th Five-Year "plan" issued, Shanghai 2020 will build 100 kilometers of new underground pipe gallery. At that time, underground Suzhou River, underground logistics channels or debut, through the creation of three-dimensional city, strengthen the comprehensive management of the city, improve public transport, living conditions. [with] Shanghai will increase by 300 thousand sets of low-income housing provident fund to expand from the use of way of network with "13th Five-Year" period of 5 years, the center city completed into two old houses in the following transformation of 2 million 400 thousand square meters. Actively promote the central city sporadic two old houses in the following transformation. Start the transformation of suburban towns. These five years, Shanghai will focus on deepening the low-cost housing, public rental housing, the total property protection housing levy resettlement housing, "four in one" purchase rental housing security system simultaneously, various types of affordable housing supply about 300 thousand units (households). [with] the Pudong airport will be built third terminal will rail connected Shanghai station in Shanghai airport "2016 Shanghai international city and architecture Expo" said that the S1S2 is currently building a satellite hall, is expected to be put into operation in 2019, when the Pudong airport passenger throughput will reach 80 million to 100 million passengers. Shanghai to build a world-class aviation hub, passenger traffic will continue to rise. By 2035, Pudong airport will be built third terminal. Shanghai 2017 years of urban and rural health insurance began to participate in the registration of individual contributions to raise the standard of Shanghai urban and rural residents in to improve the registration of medical insurance registration has begun, will end in December 25th. Insured personnel in accordance with the annual payment, enjoy the 2017 year (January 1st to December 31st) urban and rural residents medical treatment. At the same time, give full consideration to the affordability of the residents, individual payment standards appropriate to improve. In order to ensure that rural residents should be protected, the district government and the village collective economy continues to give appropriate subsidies to rural residents pay. [with] 20 years of history of Tongchuan Road Seafood Market curtain]相关的主题文章:


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