Shandong farmers eat reassurance 95.7% village land ownership certification

Shandong farmers eat reassurance 95.7% village land ownership certification Party since eighteen, Shandong deepen the reform of rural property rights system in rural land ownership registration certification as the main content. At present, the province’s 95.7% village communities to complete the contracted land management rights is indeed the right registration card, really right, awarded irrefutable evidence, farmers eat this, agriculture and rural development to stimulate new energy. Now is the greenhouse vegetable crops planting in the busy season, the village in the town for Shouguang City, there is a group of people in the fields, greenhouses around hahu Shouguang vegetable cooperatives chairman Zhang Jingcai told reporters: "the transfer of the old people 133.3 acres of land to build the thirty shed, a shed investment in one hundred and fifty thousand dollars, length of 110 meters, 27 meters in the north and south." This busy to introduce the situation, is the head of a local vegetable cultivation cooperatives. Each year this season, I will buy, because agricultural plants everywhere for money, although there are more than and 100 acres of land and 30 greenhouses, want to go to the bank mortgage, they just do not recognize this. This year, Shandong Shouguang into land management mortgage pilot, Zhang received the first piece of land management certificate, with this small green book, Zhang nonstop invited the appraiser and the bank, together with the site survey. Appraiser Cai Cuicui said: "the evaluation is divided into three parts, like him the right to the contracted management of land use rights, including the plant or breeding, then there is some in our building structures, this piece of equipment." Agricultural firms in Shouguang City, rural market manager Zhao Yubin: "(assessment) is completed, when we get the right certificate, we can loan." After the on-site assessment survey, Zhang cooperatives after three days is expected to get about 3 million of the loans. In 2013, Shandong as one of the first pilot province, in the province to carry out land ownership registration certification work, explore the land ownership, contract rights, management rights division of powers. Land has a "identity card" to achieve the transformation of resources to assets and capital. To this end, Shandong in the province to establish 113 rural comprehensive property rights trading center above the county level. In Qilu rural property rights trading center, the reporter saw here this year, more and more rural land listing, trading more active. Li Yinghua, President of Qilu rural property rights trading center "in the right to work before, farmers want to transfer, but fear of interest has been violated, right now after the work is over, farmers can safely land on us transactions." In order to encourage the development of land circulation and regulate the orderly support new business entities agriculture, rural property rights trading center Qilu also handled identification book deals in the land, and took 10 million yuan, the establishment of mortgage financing risk compensation fund pool. This year, a farming cooperatives in Weifang city because of bank loan maturity, financing difficulties are temporary, the bridge funds risk compensation funds pool, solution as pressing danger. Land ownership certification, so that the land can be fully released, for new business entities.相关的主题文章:


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