Shaanxi, a police part-time lawyer for many years, police it intends to apply for early retirement (

Shaanxi police: the police years part-time lawyer intends to apply for early retirement man Mizhi County of Yulin Shaanxi He Yufu has multiple identities: both the Mizhi County Public Security Bureau police, and Shaanxi Funeng lawyer, also serves as an arbitrator of Yulin arbitration commission. In this regard, He Yufu himself surging news () admits that this is true. While Mizhi County Public Security Bureau responsible person said, the Yulin Municipal Commission for Discipline Inspection has this situation to them, they are under investigation, once verified, that supposed to do. In October 13th, the Shaanxi Provincial Department of justice lawyers notary management office a staff member said the surging news, "if he is a policeman, and a lawyer, he explained to some of the material we offer is not real. If verified, in accordance with the relevant procedures, we will take back and cancel his lawyer certificate." A lawyer told the surging news that the "civil law" and "police law" for the police and other public servants in part-time jobs have clear provisions; and the lawyer law clearly stipulates that civil servants shall not act as a practicing lawyer. The police for part-time lawyers before the surging news received clues reflect Mizhi County Public Security Bureau police He Yufu illegal part-time lawyer, the lawyer under the name "He Rui", office of energy rich Shaanxi law firm. Who broke the news to surging news can provide rich firm official website screenshot shows, He Rui for the lawyer, and served as a partner of the 1990 to obtain the lawyer qualification, professional direction of enterprise legal risk prevention and criminal defense. Surging news to see the law firm sponsored by Yulin lawyer network, did not find a brief introduction about his. The source said, in his report to the relevant departments, the introduction of He Rui from the Yulin lawyer youtube. However, surging news noted that many articles published in the site, there are still his figure. Yulin lawyer issued in September 7th "the rich law lawyers sent for the non-public economy in Counties — the successful completion of Shenmu Fugu" in the text, that is He Rui appeared. In addition, the network classic case column in September 27, 2006 with the introduction of a case of abuse of power case shows that he was the defendant’s defense case. In the Yulin Arbitration Commission official website, also can he Rui Fu Shaanxi lawyer identity appeared in the list of arbitrators in the fields of expertise for civil and commercial law. In October 10th, surging news to Mizhi County Public Security Bureau, the bureau responsible person said, He Yufu is the legal bureau of Police Brigade, but also to celebrate Ruizhi lawyer, "his wife long illness, every week to go to Beijing to see a doctor, so he long leave." The report was not ready to retire early, "He Yufu" part-time lawyers that the Yulin Municipal Commission for Discipline Inspection has been forwarded to us, is under investigation, the country is supposed to." The Mizhi County Public Security Bureau official said, "He Yufu was reported to work, ready to apply for early retirement, he was 55 years old, in line with the policy." On this matter, He Yufu also admitted to the surging news true. He Yufu said that he is a teacher who, because of early love laws pass the qualification as a lawyer, and thus become into the Public Security Bureau police. He Rui Hui相关的主题文章:


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